Lego GTA 5

Lego GTA 5
The Lego company is always keeps abreast of modern trends in the field of entertainment. There are Lego toys made in the styles of the most popular games, fantastic universes and more. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no official toys Lego GTA 5, but how it can prevent fans to experiment? Lego GTA 5 exists, even if can't buy it. And now we have some words about it.

Trailer Lego GTA 5

I think every gamer and not a small number of people away from computer games at least once seen a release trailer of GTA 5. And how many people saw a release trailer GTA 5 Lego? This is great Machinima made exactly the same as the original trailer for the game, but it was taken using only blocks and Lego figures. Then you and the kinds meticulously recreated Los Santos, and a great puppet animation. In General, with faces to spend fifteen minutes of your time to view.

Michael, Trevor and Franklin

Michael, Trevor and Franklin
It would be foolish to expect someone to not try to recreate the image of the three main characters of GTA 5 using Lego figures. Actually, a lot of people tried, but this guy has definitely turned out the best.

Look at that attention to detail, characters it's impossible not to learn! Looking at these figures start to want to be some of the modders, and better themselves Rockstar Games released the game in a similar style. I would have played.

Lego Car

This is a unique mod for GTA 5 is another example of Lego GTA 5, and this time directly in the game. We have to give credit to the authors of the mod - they did a great job. To understand this, just look at the level of detail this machine. Watch the video below to understand how much fun will bring you this seemingly minor detail Lego in the world of GTA 5. This mod like no other will help us to remember your childhood, in which we can enthusiastically for hours on end playing with Lego blocks, creating the most incredible and sometimes ridiculous designs. By the way, you can totally free download mod Lego Car here.

Alas, at the moment, more than anything we have found. it was a pity that there is nothing about Lego GTA Online. But will hope that in the future the company Lego and Rockstar Games will sign an agreement and toys Lego GTA 5 will become available to a mass audience.

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2015-12-28 08:18:12

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