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To celebrate properly the recent release of GTA Liberty City Stories on iOS devices Rockstar Games has decided to collect all the Сreators custom jobs that have at least some relation to GTA Liberty City Stories. Everyone who wants to try out the jobs from this old Rockstar Games' masterpiece on a modern GTA 5 game engine can just get this jobs from Social Club, download it and enjoy the nostalgic gameplay that smells like Portland's cold smog. What a pity that in GTA Online you cannot use cheats for GTA 5 but don't worry, in all missions you will have your teammates' help

Mafia Mudslide from Babe_Blade (PS4)

"From the Forelli family comes an epic race down Mount Chiliad to the tunnel at the base of the mountain. Flips, skids, bumps and mudslides are done as you chase each other's car parts into first place."

The leader of the crew the Dukes of Anarchy, Babe_Blade presents this rollicking race through the mud and off road, through rough terrain on the slopes of mount Chiliad. The race begins at the top of the mountain, and the finish line is so far down, at its very foot. The best (and perhaps only) choice here will be powerful SUVs that you can stay on this insane track, or if you're not lucky, stay a charred pile of scrap metal somewhere on the slopes of the mountain. The author (and title race) is recommended to play this mission in rainy weather, unless, of course, not afraid of slightly blurring the sides of your jalopy.

Family Feud from Gunman36 (Xbox 360)

"The Forelli Family attacks the Leone Mansion."

The only member of the crew, Leone Family could properly display the attack the Forelli family at the Leone mansion. Assemble the right team of respected Mafioso and prove their right to a place under the sun in this brutal meat grinder in the midst of prosperity street. In team Deathmatch there are no pickups, so I advise you to economically dispose of the ammunition available.

LS Stories: #2 Dock Raid from NuSpirit (PC)

LS Stories: #2 Dock Raid
"After your ferocious Los Santos Drag Race, you found your enemies were faster than you. Now you gotta fight to get your drugs and be faster than them."

Officer of the crew N3oSpirits, NuSpirit, rolled out of his workshop a great flashback in GTA Liberty City Stories right in the middle of Los Santos, in the form of battle mode Capture. Teams will have to compete not only with each other, but also against computer opponents, as well as with the most popular guys in Los Santos - LSPD officers. One tip: don't run around the map with only one gun, move to the North-East or South-West of the map, to find the assault shotgun. This thing will greatly increase your chances of winning.

The Offer from Dillono (PS4)

"After talking to Toni Cipriani, Salvatore Leone has sent Cipriani to the docks to pay off the leader of the dock strikers, Jane Hopper, so she'll let Sal use the docks to get drugs to Portland. Sal has his own men stationed nearby if anything goes South. As Toni arrives then gives Hopper the money, she runs off and a group of strikers approach Cipriani... (Based off The Offer mission in GTA Liberty City Stories. Some changes made for gameplay purposes.)"

The crew member with the telling title Content Creators PS4 Crew, Dillono, created this team Deathmatch based on one of the missions of GTA LCS - The Offer. Venue - Elysian island, the Creator added to the map a large number of shelters and opportunities to replenish ammo, so you don't have to repeat the final mission of the original version of The Offer.

The Sicilian Gambit from RitinhaCadilac (PS3)

The leader of the crew Online Girls, RitinhaCadilac, created this custom mission based on the final mission GTA Liberty City Stories in which Tony defends the boat from the unfriendly mobsters on the way to Portland Rock. The location selected thematically right - El Gordo Lighthouse. Make your way to the top of the lighthouse, collect all the ammo, armor and medkits that you can carry for as long as possible to stay alive and send to hell as many enemies. If you don't particularly like classic Deathmatch, we have the opportunity to play the mission command BOS to death. Very convenient, do not say anything.

CiprianiCrimeFamily Map G from RicoCarini (Xbox 360)

"We Built This Family off of loyalty and respect. Dont worry about the small things and more about the big Father Cipriani"

This team Deathmatch was created by the leader of the crew GalloCrimeFamila, RicoCarini. This mission is nonstop action, from beginning to the end. A huge amount of improved and automatic rifles scattered around the map, armor and first aid kits properly located in strategic places. Head to the roof of the Northwest building to gain the advantage of height and easily destroy any enemy players, stupid enough to walk around in sight, but take care to have shelter - soon you will definitely try to get rid of.

Going to JesseJeek from Liberty City (PC)

Going to Liberty City
Los Santos - the place is certainly cool, but it's time to go back to basics, back to liberty city, along with the leader of the crew JEEK4LIFE, JesseJeek, and his race at the International Airport of Los Santos. When you go all over the track in your favorite car, make sure that you are on the right course: one wrong turn will cost you the victory.

The Cemeterio from ByGhost5 (PS3 & PS4)

"Hey kid. My name is Toni Cipriani, Don of the Leone family. There are TRAITORS in the Los Santos Cemetery looking over the grave of their boss, Wei Cheng. The Sindacco family have sent a few men. Take them out and the Leone family will be grateful to you. T. Cipriani"

Cemetery Wynwood flick of the wrist turns into a Cemetery of liberty city in this team fight to the death, created by a crew member TwilightSparklesCrew, ByGhost5. Kill the traitors using any weapon of your choice, from Molotov cocktails, to armor-piercing pistol and up to RPG. Dozens of gravestones will serve as a great cover until you and your team will fight your way through the rows of graves, adding to the contingent of the cemetery of fresh corpses of their enemies from the opposing team.

The Wong Side of the Tracks from Turboteo1107 (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)

This race is based on an additional mission from GTA LCS "Wong Side of the Tracks". Repeat Tony's way along the tracks behind the wheel of Sanchez and with the evil brothers Wong on his tail. This race does not seem like a cakewalk. Choose wisely in a tunnel collapse during the race. Until persecute with all sparkling urine along the rail, don't miss the underground entrance through which you have to drive to get to the springboard and fly to the finish line.

Tales from Liberty City Hearrok (PC)

This Deathmatch takes you on a light and neat paths Kortz center where you have to fight for every second that I was among the living. The crew member CrowerZ, Hearrok, generously fertilized his mission tons of big guns, first aid kits, armor and added this to random parties spawn anywhere on the map. Play one of 16 people to make the battle really raging.

Sindacco Sabotage from Tripilin (PS3 & PS4)

"Relive the Sindacco Sabotage story mission from GTA Liberty City Stories"

Tripilin, the leader of the crew TRIPOS, offers us a little back in past and remember the mission Sindacco Sabotage GTA Liberty City Stories, in that team Deathmatch for 8 people. As Tony in the beginning of the mission had only the armor and gun, you also have to start with a similar set - gun, armor, and a small bonus in the form of kits. The location of spawn points can easily lead to the fact that you catch a bullet to the back of his head, so I advise you move as a team, roving along the Boulevard Vespucci, and securely cover each other's backs.

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