GTA Online fan videos: January 2016

Selection of the latest GTA Online video for January 2016
Check out our selection of the most fresh and the finest creations from the most talented video makers of the GTA Online community, including: award-winning Rockstar Editor director, a known gang of users of the service reddit, some youtube stars, each of which appreciated in their works all the chips and updating GTA Online: the Great people and other bandits. No matter whether he wielded a gun on the Turreted roof of the Limo, whether defending his super-yacht from the attacking bandits or just warm the bones in a luxurious Jacuzzi on the aft super-yachts, these guys will show you a real taste of luxury living.

REBL - Yacht Parties [R* Editor] from REBL Community

Many can remember a gang of reddit users called REBL PC (previously known as Reddit Rebels) and how they masterfully sported their cool cars of GTA Online update "the Lowriders". Now they decided to show us their new acquisitions from the pack "Great people and other bandits", while not losing one bit of their corporate identity. This video perfectly shows that when you reached the top of the "food chain" and live a luxurious life, very soon there will be those who will try to disrupt your idyll. And all this great music with “Change of Coast” from Neon Indian.

Turreted Limo Cinematic Showcase (Commercial) | EXECUTIVES & OTHER CRIMINALS from DLC YEAHMAP

Introducing new Limo Turreted like a totally worthwhile purchase for any player in GTA Online, the winner of one of competitions Rockstar Editor and just talented mapmaker YEAHMAP shares with us this short but informative video describing how great it is to have a personal Turreted Limo.

GTA 5 Online Funny Moments - Yacht, the Switch Blade, and New Apartments! (DLC) VanossGaming

In his trademark brash manner Vanoss, together with their podelnikami Lui Calibre, Moo Snuckel, H2O Delirious, Wildcat, and Silent Droidd, make another sortie in Free mode to put there... what they usually like. Is highly recommended for viewing to the end.

GTA 5 - Declasse Mamba Cinematic [Car Showcase] Keys Plz

Experienced mapmaker Keys Plz interierove uses funds to record and edit video, to create this elegant and stylish video of the new classic sports car. Mamba.

Grand Theft Auto V - The Executives from Berdu

Berdu, stylish in its previous works, such as the Marathon Men (LINK) and Joyridin'(LINK), always liked to invite his friends from the gang Full Leather Jackets. In this video, he says the following: "This is how really rich people live. All video was shot literally in one night, when Kimble I bought myself this awesome super-yacht. In this video, our gang is enjoying a Large DLC people and other bandits."

GTA 5 Online NEW Adversary Mode | EXTRACTION! (GTA 5 Online Gameplay) from iamfallfromgrace

Charming iamfallfromgrace, youtube'EP from Australia, is trying out a new mode of Conflict "Evacuation". Having opposed his own group, gang FallFromGraces Army, grace acts as a target, and makes a painful, but almost heroic breakthrough in helicopter, being completely surrounded by the enemy. In the next round she plays as a bodyguard and makes a tricky maneuver without too much trouble bringing the boss into the evacuation zone.

GTA Online Executives and Other Criminals Update [All DLC Contents] GTA Series Videos

Following its long tradition, one of the best fan-made video about GTA 5 channels, GTA Series Videos invites us to see a detailed overview of everything that can be bought or received in the update is "Executives and other criminals".

And this is the second part of this video where you can see all new real estate updates from the "Executives and other criminals".

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