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The recently released GTA Online update "Executives and other criminals" have added many new opportunities to the game, thanks to a private security company SecuroServ. No matter who you are: enterprising boss, looking for a good and loyal soldier for a cause or an ambitious fighter, ready to do any dirty work for a decent fee - these tips will be very useful when you find yourself face to face with the enemy.

Where should we start

Bosses and bodyguards take on the roles of the employer and the employee, which work together for the passage of a VIP Jobs and a VIP Challenges, and to escort boss through the dangerous and unpredictable streets of Los Santos.

As a boss, you can easily enjoy the luxury you deserve, or Vice versa to empty the streets of the city, relying on experienced and well-armed bodyguards, chosen by you, to ensure their effectiveness.

Being a bodyguard is all about getting money, having fun, and protecting the interests of your organization with a deadly weapons in your hands. Becoming a bodyguard you can count on a steady and regular salary 5000 in game dollars, in addition to all the money and RP, obtained the passage of a VIP Jobs and the VIP Challenges in Freemode.

Be the Boss

If you want to become the boss of your own criminal organization, a real VIP, the first thing you need to take care of is the status of your account. You don't have to pay for anything, but the minimum balance on your account must be at least one million game dollars.

Open the interaction menu and select "SecuroServ", where you will see the registration option to become a boss. Select it, to become a VIP and give a name to your organization. When you finished with that, go back to the interaction menu. You will see that the "SecuroServ VIP" option is now available. Here begins your new life as a crime boss.

Here are a few useful tips to remember when creating your own criminal Empire:

  • VIP status lasts for 4 hours of play in Freemode. The time spent in the other Jobs and Heists doesn't affect your VIP status. When the allotted 4 hours expires, you can again become the boss of only 12 hours.
  • Maximum number of VIP in session - no more than six people. If, as a boss, you have joined a session which already has 6 VIP players, you will be given the opportunity to temporarily suspend your VIP status.
  • If you have VIP status then the Personal Interaction menu will change to "SecuroServ VIP". From here you will be able to hire bodyguards.
  • You will be able to hire and, if necessary, fire other players as a bodyguards. You can hire three bodyguards at the same time to protect your organization.
  • If your bodyguard does not justify entrusted to him the high trust and betray your organization, you will easily be able to finish his assignment by using the function "Terminate". Your remaining bodyguards will be given 5 minutes to kill the guilty.
  • You will not be able to join the session, if there is another organization with the same name as yours. There is a option to rename it.

Be the Bodyguard

Be the Bodyguard
The job of a bodyguard is to help the employer to avoid unwanted attention, whlist earning decent money and a lot of fun.

You may advertise your professional skills with the help of the "Looking for job" option in "SecuroServ" node in the interaction menu. Make your services accessible to everyone who needs one more strong armed hand and has something to offer in return.

We are ready to offer you some useful tips that will help you in your difficult and bloody job:

  • Keep in mind that your salary will be reduced by 5% for every time your bess get killed, up to a maximum penalty of 50%. Keep your boss alive, at any cost.
  • Being close to your VIP you will get 100 bonus RP every minute, and if you die at a certain distance from your boss, you'll respawn next to him.
  • Bodyguards have the ability to call the transport, if the boss owns it or if it's already active on the map.
  • Being close to your boss you will get 75% bonus to health regeneration. Regeneration and RP bonuses will also be available if you and your boss are in the interior space.
  • You will get a 400 RP bonus  or driving in one car with the boss and the 600 RP bonus for drive the vehicle with your boss inside.

Even more tips

Even more tips
While many are already successfully earn their dirty money in the new modes, for those who are only going to do their first steps as a bodyguard or boss, we prepared another series of useful tips:

How the payouts works?

Bodyguards receive a guaranteed salary of 5,000 in game dollars (not counting possible penalties for your boss killing) for every 15 minutes of being in the service of your boss. However, there is also a reverse side to the coin: 100% of all money earned by the bodyguards for comepleting of various missions in Freemode, goes straight into the boss' pocket (-10% commissions for SecuroServ). The only exception is the personal car's sales. Don't forget, too, that bodyguards receive an impressive bonus RP and a slight increase characteristics of the character, while being close to the boss. Increase performance and health regeneration is very useful in modes like Deathmatch.

Is the Yacht a property?

No. The Yacht doesn't occupy a slot in the list of property (whose maximum size, as you probably remember, 5), but you still can respawn on it, get dressed and have come drinks in your personal bar. On the Yacht there is no garage or Heist's planning room, but all the vehicles purchased along with the Yacht, will always appear next to it, even if it was destroyed in the last session. Super-yacht is not be sold, but you will always be able to upgrade, lowgrade or completely redo it, right down to the name.

How to get rid of unwanted guests on my Yacht?

Every real pirate understands the importance of protecting his ship. And super-yacht is not defenceless - it is equipped with a powerful built-in protection systems designed to properly greet those who will try to steal your millions. If a group of such stowaways has boarded your boat, follow these tips to get rid of them, without changing session:

  • Disable access to the Yacht for intruders. Configure access to the yacht you will find in the special section of the interaction menu.
  • Disconnect the protection system of the yacht, so you get access to your weapons.
  • Kill the intruders. They will respawntime on the beach, which is very complicate them further attack.
  • Switch the protection system of the yacht. Now the pirates will not be able to just pick up and fly back.
  • Now get in the hot tube and enjoy your drinks in peace and security.
I hope our tips will be useful on your way to being the most dangerous criminal in GTA Online. If you still don't understand something, then feel free to ask in the comments to this article. Members of our analytical department will be glad to answer all your questions.

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