Best crews of 2015

The best crews of 2015
The holidays has died down and gone, and the farewell snow over Los Santos marked the end of another year of slaughter in the blood-drenched streets of southern San Andreas. A lot has happened in GTA Online in 2015 and the actions of the players and crews won't be forgotten too quickly as we decided to tell you today about the most successful GTA Online crews in 2015.

Of course we can't tell you about all the countless legions of crews registered in the Social Club, who are also doing cool stuff, albeit in a less important or popular areas of creativity and competition - but they still have a chance in 2016. But now, let's look at some cold statistics that tell us about the same cold and ruthless GTA Online crews.

Adversary Modes: wins and kills

Adversary Modes
2015 was the debut for Adversary Modes in GTA Online. No matter whether you play in a Every bullet counts or teamed up with your buddies-maniacs to catch a couple Beasts - teamwork becomes almost the only secret of success in the difficult task of domination in a variety of Adversary Modes. But, of course, the ability to fill the frags will also be very useful, especially in such modes as Com out to Play, or Siege Mentality.

Crews LSRealcrewsterPS4, PS4 Car Meets, Ganja Outlaws, GANG ALBANII AK47, The LowlyGentlemen and The Luckers have fully confirmed this statement, being in both parts of the top. But special applause can be given to the crew No Do PS4, which ranked first in wins and second in kills among all the crews of GTA Online. Congratulations!

Team Deathmatch: wins and kills (per player)

Team Deathmatch
Team Deathmatch is a mode where the only goal is to kill your foes. So it is not surprising that the crew that reached the first place in wins, ranked first in kills too. Crew Merkalot, already known to the GTA Online community for their incredible shooting skills, and with only 24 people, achieved a positive result in more than 80 thousand kills for every member of a crew (!), on their way to victory in 948 matches, respectively, to the honor of the absolute champion of this regime in 2015. And all this, mind you, without cheats for GTA 5.

Pay attention to the crews We All Hate Campers, SuperioresVsupremacy, Aimfamily and CocoDrailS, which has achieved impressive results in both parts of the board. The Last MESSIAH crew, known for their previous headshot achievments, also finished the year with more than impressive result.

Race: victory (per player)

When it comes to racing through the sunny streets of Los Santos, players from the crew S CLASS PRO RACERS simply have no equal. Confirming the name of the crew they break half of the case forward from their competitors with stunning results in 2,496 races won per player, more than twice ahead of the result of their nearest rival Dominators 1. And known collectiv Evolve Stunting, famous throughout the world, thanks to its incredible stunts in GTA Online, took 5th place, proving that their repertoire includes not only jumps and stunts - they are still don't feel bad in driving.

Snapmatic: most likes

While others fight their way to the top of killing or races in GTA Online there are not a small and thriving community of creative people for whom GTA Online is another canvas on which they can splash their creative potential. We always admire the ever-growing collection of beautiful and inspiring photos created by players from Snapmatic community and crews, have dedicated themselves to this cause. Such masters as GTAPhotographers Snapmatic Art and would be terribly disappointed if their efforts were forgotten in this article. Congratulations to both these crews and are waiting for their next works. Many other well-known Snapmatic-band filled the remaining places on the list and we assure you: they have something to look at.

wittyBlack-Mamba Vinewoodonfire MAKAVELl
Nemosphene slimsy1901 I_Miss_U_Liza
Here are some of the most impressive photos taken by players the most well-known Snapmatic-band. Photo made by players: wittyBlack-Mamba, Vinewoodonfire, MAKAVELl, Nemosphene, slimsy1901 and I_Miss_U_Liza.

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