GTA Online videos: February

GTA Online videos
A new edition of our video digest contains some absolutely amazing videos, just shows how many creative and talented people there are in the GTA Online community. Today we are bringing you five great videos from GTA fans from around the world:

(GTA V) Carl Sagan - The Pale Blue Dot by Duggy

The idea for this video was borrowed by BiblicalReaper's video. Duggy used the world of GTA 5 to create a great video backdrop for famous monologue Pale Blue Dot by astrophysicist and science popularizer Carl Sagan, taken from his television appearances in the framework of the project "Cosmos: A Personal Voyage".

GTA - We Were Set Up by Cover Squid Physics

One-man orchestra Squid Physics with us again with his another stunning cover of the music from the GTA games. He solos on the eight instrument's and has expertly combined them into one video, beautifully singing the song We Were Set Up from the official GTA 5 soundtrack. What can I say - the guy is a great musician with great skill not only in music but also in creating music videos. Bravo! Be sure to check Squid Physic's YouTube-channel, there you will certainly find plenty of interesting videos.

The Great Bounty - GTA 5 Short Film Machinima Projects from City | Cinematics & Machinimas |

Projects City is the famous video-maker, skillfully use the Rockstar Editor to create a variety of videos, from remakes of classic GTA Intros to cool stunt video. In this video we see an exciting chase in which the driver of a sports bike trying to escape from the bounty hunter, piloting Buzzard attack shopper. Hot chase is on land, on water and in the air, forcing the viewer until the very last moment trying to guess who will come out of it alive.

The Lowrider: GTA V from Bombastic Gamer Films

This trailer, authored by Bombastic Gamer Films, takes us for a couple of decades ago, in the time of cool singles, tight pants and rogue cops with a thirst for revenge.

GTA 5 - Bowling Bling (Bling Hotline Parody) GTA Series Videos

With the support of his faithful comrades Gtamen and 8-BIT BASTARD, guys from GTA Series Videos concocted this parody clip "Hotline Bling" by Drake.

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