VIP bonuses week in GTA Online

Discounts and bonuses in GTA Online
All this week (from 5 to 11 February), a customers of SecuroServ get a chance to enjoy huge discounts on a wide range of special products, as well as double rewards for completing Jobs and Challenges. The discounts also include a large drop in the price of cars, helicopters and clothes, added in "Executives and other Criminals" update. And, of course, huge discount of 50% reduction of the treshhold required to become the VIP.

Double reward for the VIP Jobs and Challenges

Want to be on the honor roll in the overall Organizations ranking, participating in Challenges, or hone your skills of team work in Jobs - you will get two times more money and RP for all the VIP Jobs and Challenges in Freemode, until Thursday 11 February. The list includes yachts protect from the brazen raiders (or, conversely, attack an enemy yacht as a "brazen raider") in "Piracy Prevention", killing the VIP in the "Executive Search" and the hijacking of the most expensive cars in the "Auto Buyout".

Double award for "Extraction" and "Drop Zone" Adversary Modes

The quickest way to double your income this week, is a special Playlist which is available right from the GTA 5 main screen. A Single touch of a button will instantly transport you and peoples like you, lovers of the rampant chaos in GTA Online, in the two latest Adversary Modes: Extraction and Drop Zone. Playlist will be available until 11 February.

$500,000 to become the VIP

If you aspire to join the club of true elite of the criminal world of Los Santos or always dreamed of your own criminal organization, only this week you have a unique chance to do it 50% cheaper: until February 11, the minimum capital required to create your own Organization will be only $500,000, instead of the usual million. Remember: this is not the price needed to purchase the Organization, it's just the amount of money that should be in your account in GTA Online confirming your right to claim the role of the VIP of your own Organization.

25% discount on all the cars and helicopters from the "Executives and other Criminals" update

Update "Executives and other Criminals", among other things, added to the game a lot of new vehicles which would truly discribe your VIP status. VIP constantly risking his life, but knows a lot about luxury. IF you need a perfect vehicle for attack, persecution, or getaway, at the same time plush enough for the VIP? Then your choice Benefactor Turreted Limo! You can also choose from one of these powerful and stylish cars: Imponte Nightshade, Declasse Mamba or Bravado Verlierer. Show off all your success and refined taste, when you drive off the streets at the wheel of one of these babies. Those who prefer the solidity and power of an SUV or sedan, but always wished some more protection, can take this ideal armored version of Gallivanter Baller, Enus Cognoscenti and Benefactor Schafter. 25% discount will be available for all of these cars until February 11, inclusive. Also, the discount will not bypass the new helicopters, which appeared in the latest update: Super Volito and Super Volito Carbon.

Some more surprises

Plus everything written above, developers are launching several additional discounts and promotions to help all the citizens of Los Santos to climb up the social ladder and become part of the higher echelons of culture and sophistication. Look in stores andfind 50% discount on all Robes & Smoking Jackets, 10% discount for speedboats, Seasharks and a boats from Docktease range and a 10% discount on accessories for your yacht.

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