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Any GTA Online veteran easy will tell you that sniping is not just another way to defeat your enemies, this is a kind of art. To take a competent position, to choose the right moment for the shot, not to miss and to dissolve, leaving from retaliation - not so simple as may seem at first glance. Practice your sniping skills properly with a list of the best custom sniper missions for GTA Online.

Snipers vs. Speed Boats by HitoGamer (PC)

Has someone finally decided to do it? This is the first LTS fully established on the water! HitoGamer leader of the Hitokiri Clan created this "sea battle" use a popuelar gamemod "vs Snipers. Stunters" as an inspiration. In this LTS one team must protect a floating platform using only some heavy sniper rifles, while the second, on their boats, have to take the platform (taking out its previous inhabitants). If you are in a boat-team, then take some sticky-bombs - when you will fly over the heads of opponents, you can either crush them or throw on them a couple of good portions of explosives. The task of the defenders is very simple - kill all the enemies. All you need is a steady hand and eagle eye. Watch this amazing video showing gameplay of this mission, from popular video-blogger Jelly.

Hunting Season by Singh1409 (PS4)

"Its hunting season and the snipers need to shoot everyone on the platforms. The runners need to run for their lives and hope they survive. Good luck."

Singh1409 created a complicated sniper LTS. It's a race for survival which doesn't forgive mistakes because every mistake can easily cost a victory for the running team. It may seem that the task of the snipers too easy, however, if the runners will act wisely - it would be far from it. If you are a team of snipers, then each of your companions will need to target a separate target, to quickly take out all the foes. The runners should move unexpectedly, making short dashes from cover to cover.

HEADSH0T_ADDICTIoN by muddafawker (PS3)

The leader of the KYD Accepted Here Crew, muddafawker, broke into our list with this very unusual Deathmatch. This is a sniper test is suitable for players of all levels, from the most experienced, to complete newbies, and most importantly it is quick reactions. Don't rejoice too long another kill - second of delay can cost you your life.

Holes of Glory from mkRixxx (Xbox One)

The leader of the Junk Energy Drink Crew, mkRixxx, created this sniper LTS in close spaces. This mission will suit serious test of your reaction and patience.

Sniper Tragedy I: Atk/Def by thunderboltblast (Xbox 360)

The Creator of this mission thunderboltblast, the leader of the The Gods of Purity Crew, was shared by two teams on the attacking and defending parties in this LTS, passing on the Del Perro pier. If you are in the attacking team, you will have unlimited firepower and transport, but you easy to be destroyed on the ground, the defensive team, in turn, occupies an excellent position with an excellent field of fire, but extremely limited in ammunition.

Try out all these missions, finding them in Social Club and become a real master of sniper duels.

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