Holiday week in GTA Online

Valentine's Day
Now is time to celebrate "Be My Valentine" update in GTA Online. Until Thursday, February 18th, get double rewards for the missions, enjoy huge discounts and more! Don't forget about the brand new Albany Roosevelt Valor, as well as all the bonuses of the previous Valentine's Day update, which also became available, including the original Albany Roosevelt and stylish Gusenberg Sweeper machine-gun is all this wealth available in GTA Online on PS4, Xbob One and PC.

Double award in the "Till death do us part" Adversary Mode

We all know how expensive it is sometimes to please your lover. Prepare accordingly with a double reward of money and RP in a new Adversary Mode "Till death do us part". Holding on to each other, because if your beloved one die you won't live long too.

Double reward for a festive playlist

The best way to derive maximum benefit from double rewards during this week is to participate in the special playlist "Till death do us part", available right on start screen of GTA 5. This time you will receive not only a double reward for all the missions in the playlist, but will also be able to access a fireworks launcher and bunch of ammo to it, so you'll can celebrate the passage of the playlist with a propper bang!

Double RP

You should not be alone on Valentine's Day and this week the GTA Online developers have done everything to help you not to be all alone this week. At least in GTA Online. No matter whether you drive a car with your couple or intently look into each other's eyes during the arm wrestling - you will get double RP.

50% Discount on all submachine guns

Despite the fact that it is very presumptuous, to go on a romantic evening with well-defined expectations, you should always be prepared. All this week in all the Ammu-Nations will be a 50% discount on all SMGs and ammo to it. Make sure you have enough protection and your new Gusenberg Sweeper will ready to fire right away.

Free access to movies and amusement rides

Looking for a cozy, dark place to be alone with your partner? The Tivoli cinemas, Ten Cent and Oriental will give you the opportunity, together with free access to screenings of timeless classics such as "Meltdown" and "Capolavoro". Or you can go to the Del Perro pier and take a seat in the cosy swinging gondola. Once ferris wheel is up there nobody will able to see you two.

Snapmatic contest #BEMYVALENTINE

Take out your smartphone and document your love with brand new Snapmatic contest-#BEMYVALENTINE. The five photographers, who succeed better than others to capture the essence of Valentine's Day in their works, will receive a great prize of one million game dollars. The photo can contain any content from "Be My Valentine": from the elegant lines of Albany Roosevelt Valor, to new clothes and game modes. Unfortunately at the moment, the reception of works is already finished, but we at least can follow a brutal fight the contenders.

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