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GTA Liberty City Stories
In order to celebrate and advertise the release of GTA Liberty City Stories on Android devices, Rockstar Games conducted a draw of two Shield Tablet K1 which is equipped with excellent GTA Liberty City Stories artwork, as well as mobile gaming controller NVIDIA Shield. Playing Liberty City Stories you can enjoy the improved graphics and perfomance and it will look perfectly on a great eight-inch display NVIDIA Shield K1 with 1080p quality.

Each tablet, as mentioned above, is equipped with beautifully detailed Liberty City Stories artwork printed on the back side of the device and coated with automotive gloss clearcoat. You can take part in the competition until 24 February, through a special form on SocialClub Event Page. Do it now and get a chance to win one of these exclusive tablets.

K1 Shield is a gaming Android tablet with outstanding features. Under the hood there is a powerful NVIDIA Tegra® K1 and one of the best processors for mobile devices - a 192-core NVIDIA Kepler™ GPU. The tablet also has dual front speakers, providing excellent sound quality and it comes with a wireless game controller. In general it's just the perfect portable gaming device for any fan of GTA. That's not to mention that the art, applied to the tablet, making it absolutely unique collector's thing - since nothing of the kind will ever produce again.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is currently available not only on Android, but on iOS, at a special price of $3.99 (price valid until 24 February 2016). Don't forget also that the purchase of the game will give you a unique t-shirt "I Heart LC" for GTA Online.

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2016-02-18 07:40:57

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