Promotional week in GTA Online

Promotions in GTA Online
Boost your income from your numerous criminal contacts, getting twice the amount of money and RP every day as part of the Friends In High Places Week in GTA Online. Next week, till Wednesday 24 Feb, the different contacts in your iFruit will be offering double reward money and RP for missions they held. And on Thursday, 25th Feb, get ready for the grand finale - all of your contacts' missions will be given a double reward.

Double rewards: graph

To achieve the maximum benefit during this promotion, we encourage you to carefully study this schedule. By the way, note the additional bonuses or discounts available every day this week. One for each day.

So, here's an actual schedule:

  • Friday, February 19: double reward for Simon's missions and double reward for Simon's import/export missons.
  • Saturday, February 20: double reward for Ron's missions, plus 50% discount on all Blazer ATVs.
  • Sunday, February 21: double rewards for all Trevor's missions and 50% discount on Jerry Cans. There's never enough Gasoline!
  • Monday, February 22: double reward for Martin's missions and 10% off Stilt-Houses.
  • Tuesday, February 23: double rewards for all Lester's missions, plus 25% discount on Lester's services.
  • Wednesday, February 24: double reward for all Gerald's missions and 50% discount on all submachine guns.
  • Thursday: a double reward for all Contract Missions in the game.

Discounts on weapons and armor all week

To make sure you'll be well-equipped this week of deadly deals and fast wheels, Ammu-Nation cut the prices of some items. Promotion will be valid until Thursday, February 25. Don't waste your time, arm yourself to the teeth, thanks to the generous discounts:

  • Riffles ammo - discount 50%
  • Body Armor - 50%
  • Grenades - 25%
  • Sticky Bombs - discount 25%
By the way, if you never have enough ammo or armor in single-player mode of GTA 5, then on our website you can always find cheats on GTA 5 that will easily solve this problem.

I hope that you will be able to make the most of current promotions. Stay tuned on our website to be always informed about the latest events in GTA Online.

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