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Be My Valentine
Our regular column with the most cool GTA Online videos get in touch once again! This time we are waiting for Rockstar Editor created "advertising" videos about the brand new Albany Roosevelt Valor, a short romantic Comedy shoot in the GTA 5 engine, and a great presentation of a new Adversary Mode "Till death do us part". So today, we expect a video dedicated to the recent festive update "Be My Valentine".

Grand Theft Auto V - Original Gangsters from Berdu

In this short film, titled "Original Gangsters", Berdu and his team "The Valentines" reminds all modern Los Santos gangs about what the real "old school" is and how it all began.

Grand Theft Auto V - My Babe (Be My Valentine MACHINIMA) from MrSrdaro

Vintage crime story, with classic 50's song "My Babe" by Little Walter - the Los Santos' answer on the famous Bonnie and Clyde. MrSrdaro himself says: "It ended pretty bad for the Roosevelt Valor, but we've managed to escape the law in a smooth way, after all that's what a couple would do".

NEW Vehicle, Sexy Underwear & More! from iamfallfromgrace

What could be better than a review of recent update held by a charming girl with a pleasant voice? Nothing, we should think. Well, if so, lets welcome a video by iamfallfromgrace, in which she, in his usual amusing manner, will tell us about the new clothes, masks and tuning Roosevelt Valor. Oh and as a bonus: a small review of another recent sports car Banshee 900R. As iamfallfromgrace herself would say: "Duuuude, so sick!"

'Til Death Do Us Part! (ft. Sips) from Hat Films

There is one of the most fun letsplay on a new Adversary Mode "Till death do us part", from Hat Films channel and their pal Sips. See how they dominate all five available mode maps.

How To Valentine (PS4 Rockstar Editor) from Lu Iggy

Lu Iggy and his friends has guns and machine, but it seems they lost suitable clothing (any clothes, in fact) somewhere. What can we say? It still turned out fun.

GTAOnline: Vehicle spotlight - Albany Roosevelt from Valor TheGTABase

One of the oldest GTA 5 community channels TheGTABase shared with us this short jazz video on Albany Roosevelt Valor and its stunning appearance.

Special Valentine's Day Couple YT Playlist from GTA Editor Movies

GTA Editor Movies finally finished their playlist of three dynamic video about a couple of criminals, who defy the authorities. In this playlist you will find three videos: The Chase, a Liquor Store, Assault and Hit 'em Up.

A great variation on an unforgetable theme of two infamous American lovers and criminals Bonnie and Clyde - it looks best in the GTA 5 setting.

If you like any of the above videos, don't hesitate and share your opinion in the comments below. Also, don't forget to look at our newwire from time to time - in the future there you will find even more interesting and useful information about GTA 5 and GTA Online.

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2016-02-26 04:27:50

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