Rhino Hunt in GTA Online

Rhino Hunt
Rhino Hunt - is a new Adversary Mode in GTA Online, which is already available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. This mode is a dynamic battle of many hunters driving fast cars and armed with sticky bombs, against a few mighty Rhino tanks. Tanks' drivers should wisely use firepower and strength of their machines to survive under an avalanche of sticky bombs, showered on them from all sides.

At the moment the new Adversary Mode is available in three different locations (which can be selected under Adversary Mode menu in the pause menu of GTA Online), but, as usual, you can use the playlist. Just press one button on the main screen of GTA 5 to begin fight your way through the herd of Hunters or try to bring down the mighty Rhino.

However, judging by the first estimates of users from the Rockstar Games' official site, it's not so smooth with this brand new Adversary Mode. The first thing that players had noticed is almost complete lack of any balance - Hunters' chance to defeat the Rhinos if very, very feeble, especially on the Fort Zacundo map. Also, many players dissatisfied with the selection of tha maps that, in their opinion, do not allow to fully enjoy the gameplay of the mode because of too open or, conversely, too clogged with obstacles spaces. As the Social Club user UberL33tPwner69 very correctly notedthis mod is more like a creation of a player than an official game mode created by professional game designers.

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2016-02-29 03:44:54

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