Rhino Hunt week

Rhino Hunt
Starting from February 26 until March 3, get double reward of money and RP for the passage of a new Adversary Mode "Rhino Hunt". You can instantly plunge into the explosive Rhino Hunt gameplay via the Event Playlist by pressing just one button in the main menu of GTA 5. Or just go to a new Adversary Mode through GTA Online - you will receive a double reward money and RP anyway.

Discounts on weapons and services

This week, until March 3, inclusive, you will have the opportunity to buy some discounted goods and services by Ammu-Nation, Warstock Cache & Carry and Merryweather Services. To be aware of, refer to the following list:

  • Warstock Cache & Carry - discount 25%
  • Merryweather Services - discount 25%
  • Ammo for all assault rifles - discount 50%
  • Weapon's modifications - 50%
  • Tactical gear for heists - discount 50%

Extra bonus RP

If you get tired of shooting at the hunters and throw sticky bombs to Rhinos, you can also get double RP for completing the "Till death do us part" Adversary Mode and all Freemode Events, until 3 March.

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2016-02-29 04:39:25

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