Versus Missions in GTA Online

Versus Missions Week in GTA Online
This week is a great time to get back to good old versus missons and other game modes added in the GTA Online San Andreas Flight School Update, which was and remains a pillar of adversarial gameplay in GTA Online. For Versus Missions Week that will last until March 10, can bring you a double reward for such missions, both for win and lose. All the classic game modes, such as Top Fun, Weed Killer, Airport Parking or G Rating, you can easily find via the in-game pause menu or add them to bookmarks in a Social Club using the links below:

The target I, II, III | Board room zero I, II, III, IV, V | Airport Parking | Crooked Cop | G-Rating (Cold) I, II, III, IV, V | G-Rating (Hot) I, II, III, IV, V | Hippy Hunting | Into The Wild | Roadgame | Top Fun, II, III | Truck Off | Weed Killer | Welcoming Party

Think that's it? Not so fast! You will also be able to receive a double award for flying under bridges and for completion of the training missions in the San Andreas Flight School.

Discounts on aircrafts, weapons and clothes

Now it'll be much easier for you to prepare for the missions and flying in unfriendly skies of San Andreas! For all the necessary will be sold with good discount, up to 10 March:

  • 50% discount on flight suits and helmets
  • 25% discount on all gunships
  • 25% discount on all aircraft
  • 25% discount on all auto rifles
  • 30% discount on rocket launchers and ammunition

Versus Missions Playlist

Traditionally, this week in GTA Online will be available a special Playlist, dedicated to the promotion. To take part in it either directly from the main menu of the game, or through the Interaction Menu.

Be quick to get a double profit: the promotion will run until 10th March inclusive. Isn't it the best chance to update your aircraft park? Fortunately in singleplayer mode, you don't need to wait for any promotion to quickly obtain all you need. After all, there are cheats for GTA 5, a full list of which can be found on our website.

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