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GTA Online Secrets
The last couple of months in GTA Online VIPs along with their loyal bodyguards, has been participated in VIP Jobs, reaping a rich harvest of money and RP. The previous issue of "GTA Online Secrets" told about the most basic principles of how to be the VIP or bodyguard, and now we will try to look closely at the many generous opportunities of VIP Jobs, just waiting for enterprising VIPs and their Organizations.

VIP Jobs

Being the VIP you can call the Organization to perform VIP Jobs - series of the cooperative jobs that are running in Freemode. These missions can be started using the SecuroServ app in the interactive menu. Bodyguards will be notified of the beginning of the mission through pop-up text messages.

VIP Jobs provide a great chance to earn some extra money, and increase your rank by earning good amount of RP. Each VIP Jobs will bring a certain amount of money and RP, depending on how the mission was ended:

  • If the Key Organization will successfully complete all the tasks, it will get full reward of money and RP.
  • If an Rival Organization showing up more skilled and will complete all the tasks of the mission, it will receive a 70% rewards. However, in this case, the entire award will be given to the player who committed the last act, which ended the mission. If the player's bodyguard, the money will go to the VIP, -10% Commission for SecuroServ.
In addition to rewards for completing the tasks, each member of the mission will get the reward for participating in mission: 500 game dollars and 100RP for every minute spent in the mission. Bodyguards should be remembered that this participation does not go to your VIP, it's yours on 100%.

And now to the detailed description of each of the six VIP Jobs:

Piracy Prevention:

Objective: Protect your own or take someone else's Super Yacht.

In this mission will be boats, helicopters and Seasharks. Here are a couple of tips on how to properly use all of these:

  • The task of the pirates is to capture the upper deck of the yacht, highlighted in yellow marker. Being the defending party, do not forget to assign one of the players on defense in that zone.
  • Playing for defense side, you should place the proximity mines at all the passages to the upper deck, and a cunning pirate who decided to get around you from behind, became a victim of his tricks. Ones has only to be careful and not be blown up by mines themselves.
  • Feel free to use the VIP abilities to spawn the Buzzard helicopter. This bird will patrol the skies and search the enemy, including players parachuting from all directions, and thus help to destroy the enemy as soon as possible. Also, look at the waters around the yacht - the enemy may try to get to the boat under water.
  • Attacking someone else's yacht as part of the Organization use the ability to hide you and your companions from the radar. This advantage will increase your chances to get aboard unnoticed.


Objective: complete many hacking challenges to find the goods and collect it before your opponent does.

A few tips:

  • Only the VIP can use "Sightseer" app but he is extremely vulnerable while hacking. So the bodyguards need to be on guard every second, because if the VIP dies, the mission will over.
  • Being the VIP, tell the bodyguard-chauffeur to drive you around while hacking. This will give you additional protection in case of attack, and it wil be harder for enemies to detect you.
  • Bodyguards can't see the target's location, but the VIP can create a marker on the map to indicate the road for his allies.
  • The fastest way to move between targets is a helicopter. However, it is extremely vulnerable to missile attacks. Turreted Limo is the slowest option, but it provides an impressive attacking and defensive capabilities with its armor and minigun on the roof. Choose transport wisely, for it is the guarantee of victory.

Hostile Takeover

Hostile Takeover
Objective: deliver package to destination.

This task may be not so easy as it seems at first, so here are a few tips that you should not neglect:

  • Preparation, preparation and preparation again! You have plenty of time for making up a plan, use it to complete the mission cleanly and without complications.
  • In addition to Rival Organizations, police of San Andreas, also will sit on your tail as soon as you grab the stuff.
  • Once you take the package, you will become visible on the radar of all players on the map, so you better have a good getaway plan. Consider to have a few spare vehicles just in case.
  • Excellent vehicle for this mission will be Turreted Limo.

Executive Search

Objective: all players in your Freemode session will get a good reward for killing your VIP. Save his life for at least 10 minutes.

These tips are pretty good for hunters and for VIP as well, and his bodyguards:

  • As a hunter remember that you and your allies is to cover as much territory as possible, to quickly find the VIP.
  • As the VIP keep moving. If you stay in one place too long, you will become visible on the radar, which greatly facilitate the task of your pursuers.
  • To fool the hunters, try to mingle with the crowd of ordinary people on the streets of Los Santos and Blaine County. You'll be surprised at how effective this simple tactic is.

Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery
Objective: grab the confiscated vehicles from an LSPD impound lot and deliver it to the designated location.

To avoid difficulties with other players and the police in this mission, remember our advices:

  • Coordinates with your Organization, and capture the transport at the same time. All the members of your Organization receive wanted level as soon as the target vehicles is stolen, so act quickly.
  • All the target vehicles is equipped with bulletproof tires, so do not be confused by heavy fire from all sides.
  • Consider the way, use unexpected paths and detours, be creative! The GPS path is not always the fastest or safest.
  • Don't hesitate to split up to avoid the attacks of the police and to confuse other players, and Rival Organization.

Executive Deathmatch

Objective: rival Organizations face each other in Freemode. Each VIP's goal is to survive and destroy opponents, having only 10 lives.

Follow these tips and this mode will become your favorite:

  • Stay to your VIP as close as possible so health regeneration and characteristics bonuses will always be active.
  • Being a bodyguard, don't hesitate to sacrifice yourself to save the life of the VIP. Your opponents' main target will be the VIP, not you.
  • Playing as the VIP, don't forget to use your VIP abilities. Provide your faithful bodyguards with armor and ammo. Use the Interaction Menu to provide your Organization with supplies, even in the midst of battle. It could easily solve win or lose.
  • There is not quite normal rewards in this mission. If your Organization is the host of the mission, after the victory reward will be credited in the usual way; if the Rival Organization will win, the money will go to all players, not VIP.
  • Make sure your bodyguards have in their arsenal some long-range and armor-piercing weapons, like sniper rifles and RPGs.
Honorable retirement
I hope this article will help in your difficult journey to the heights of the criminal world of Los Santos. Stay tuned in our news section, so you'll never miss anything interesting.

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