Custom jobs GTA Online: March

GTA Online сustom jobs
The next selections of the best custom jobs for GTA Online is finally here! And each of them is equipped with an excellent gameplay video, revealing the essence of the job in a best way. Today here's something really interesting. Read further for: a bit of rally, racing up ramps with no hands, flares massacre and more.

Mission: Raton Canyon Rally Race by Ryce_pt (PS4)

Portuguese video blogger Ryce shows us an awesome run in this rally race around the Alamo Sea, behind the wheel of a brand new, sparkling Karin Sultan RS. Great video from the talented author of one of the best racing tracks ever user-created in GTA Online.

Mission: Shooters V's Everything by Gravedanger2 (PS4)
Video: The 1 Million Celebration by MidnightMagic Play Gaming

Well-known custom jobs author Gravedanger2 created this mission as a holiday gift to the players in honor of the million plays in his jobs. He used one of the most popular formats for custom jobs, and the video captured by author's friends will show you some really cool tricks and mid-air kills.

Missie: 'Tamoga's-Wallride [Z]' by xTamoga (Xbox One)
Video: STEERING WITH MY FACE the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE!!! GTA 5 Online Best Custom race (Funny Moments) by Unspoken OUCH!

One of the Content Creators XB1 crew, xTamoga, held an intricate race track through the port of Los Santos and it's just one race out of 108 others of this prolific author. Track, as you can see, very complex and unpredictable, but the author of the video Unspoken OUCH! has decided to complicate a problem: he operated his car with the help of his... face! Watch the video for details.

Mission: BEACH WAR.. by Axiom(PC)
Video: BEACH B*TCHES - GTA 5 Gameplay by Funhaus

Funhaus and his friends leisurely walk through the chaos and death in the BEACH WAR from Axiom... In this mission players has veriety of covers, but Funhaus and his team soon find out that the best way is to get to the center of the map, where you can find a submachine gun or heavy sniper rifle. The alternative way is to move to the South-West platform to get a heavy sniper rifle or grenade launcher, after that attempted to bring some death and destruction on the heads of opponents below.

It's all custom missions which we wanted to share with you. Check out updates in our news section for latest news GTA Online. But if you are not able to play GTA Online, but still want to diversify the gameplay of GTA 5, then do not hesitate to look our website for some codes for GTA 5. With them you can have the same fun as in GTA Online, but playing on behalf of Trevor, Michael or Franklin.

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