Rumors about GTA 5 DLC

Rumors about GTA 5 DLC
It's no secret that after the release of GTA 5 Rockstar Games has concentrated almost all their efforts not on developing a full-fledged story DLC, continuing the history of the GTA 5 three main characters, but on regular updates for GTA Online. However, all this does not mean that Rockstar Games are not going to release DLC for GTA 5. It's understandable since it's obvious that GTA Online brings far more profit than single player GTA 5. However, the fans weren't really upset - GTA Online is truly a great game, and didn't get worse at all.

Rumors about the release of a complete story DLC for GTA 5 excite the minds of the community for a long time. The rumors starts with an interview with Shawn Fonteno, the voice of Franklin, in which he explicitly says that he's currently working on story DLC for GTA 5 and that "it is huge".

The interview with Shawn Fonteno. He said about the DLC at the very end of the video.
For a long time there weren't any news about a GTA 5 DLC, however, failed to cool the interest of the community.

Shawn in a motion capture suit
Later, in the summer of 2015, Shawn Fonteno again spilled some oil to the fire by posting a photo of himself, wearing a special motion capture suit with the Grand Theft Auto poster at the background, and providing it all with quite a hint: "Shhhh.....YALL KNOW WHY I GOT THIS SUIT ON". After that, there wasn't much information about the upcoming story add-on for Grand Theft Auto 5, but still there is some. We know, for example, that the DLC will be the same scale as the DLC The Ballad of Gay Tony for GTA 4 and its duration will be from 12 to 20 hours of game time. Also, 34 direct references to missions of the future update was found in the game code. There also are rumors that the future update will bring the possibility to rob a casino.

More recently, another reason for the growth of rumors appeared. This time it was from Christopher Ballard, the voice of C-Jay in GTA San Andreas. The actor has uploaded to his Instagramm three pictures, one with him along with Shawn Fonteno, and the rest of their characters. All this he has supplied with more than eloquent signature: "#CJ #Franklin #GTA DLC? Shh!". However, the "DLC" part was removed soon, but not fast enough, we not labeled.

Original post Fixed post
Does this mean that C. J. will be one of the heroes of the future DLC for GTA 5? This is an interesting question, because logically at the time of GTA 5 CJ must be more than forty years old. Yet, alas, we don't know, and all the information we have is no more than rumors. And Rockstar Games is remain silent.

One does not known whether it will be paid DLC, will it be sold as a separate game or will be loaded as a patch for GTA 5. However, don't count on the hope that we'll get a free DLC. Although the grounds for such hopes exist because Rockstar Games is almost the only company in the gaming industry, which has not released even a single paid DLC.

If the DLC really soon to be published, isn't it necessary to refresh your impressions of GTA 5 before embarking on a new Chapter of the adventures of our heroes? Use the codes for GTA 5, they will help to diversify your gameplay. Moreover, we have recently updated our cheats database.

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