GTA Online Lowriders: Сustom Classics

Сustom Classic
Meet the new update for GTA Online, under the evocative title "Сustom Classic". This update will allow you to expand your collection of lowriders cars, thanks to a new stock at Benny's Original Motorworks. The update is abvaliable on PlayStation 4, XBOX One or PC. Check out two new upgradeable muscle cars: Vapid Slamvan and Dundreary Virgo Classic. And as if that isn't enough, guys from Benny's Original Motorworks have a look back to the Willard Faction, making him out to something completely new the Faction Custom Donk, which will allow you to be on three heads above your foes.

First off, check out this trailer, which is clearly (though not in detail) showing all the new features of the GTA Online Lowriders: Сustom Classic update.

Looks impressive, isn't it? Now let's talk more about all the novelties.

New weapons

New weapons
New cars is good, but what about new guns? Well, there actually are some. No matter what you prefer: the rate of fire or stopping power, you will find you new weapon in the Ammu-Nation. We're talking about a brand new Compact Rifle, ideal for fast-paced breakthroughs into the enemy territory, and Double Barrel Shotgun with it's doubled firepower.

New clothing and accessories

Vapid Slamvan
The new update also will allow you to update your wardrobe with new stylish clothes, which will help you to looks sharp at next car meet. Among the new collection you will find everything from a stylish outfit of the true lowrider, to new workwear - a huge number of new looks for your character. This time Rockstar Games have not forgotten about tattoo parlors as well: there are 16 new tattoo available in all parlors across the Los Santos. And be sure to try new hair styles, three for male characters and three for female.

New Adversary Mode

And another surprise from the developers: a new Adversary Mode Sumo now available for everyone! Smash, bash and dodge your opponents in a small arena playing alone or with a team. Choose your style of play: mass and power, handling and evasion or pure speed, then get an appropriate vehicle and go to the battle! The challenge for you and your team will stay within the arena and push out all the opponents before the time runs out.

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2016-03-16 05:02:04

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