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Sit back and prepare your popcorn, because there's another selection of the most awesome videos from GTA Online in the air! Check out works of true Rockstar Editor masters and the most talented video makers from around the world. So, let's start with our first guest:

The Raid by Lu Iggy

Known for his tenacity in creating ever more ambitious mini films and music videos, Lu Iggy presents his twelfth mini-movie that one would call his best work at the moment. Using a really spectacular effects, camera work and showing a high level of skill, Lu Iggy tells the story of the daring raid on Fort Zacundo military base. Despite the fact that the video lasts only 4 minutes, it has everything that should distinguish an artwork in addition to a simple set of special effects - a complication, development and climax. And even plot twists. I wonder will there be a sequel?

Flashback by ChaosZake

In this video ChaosZake proves that he's not only a great Snapmatic-photographer, but also a great videomaker. The video takes us back to the days of the early 80's, reviving in memory the style of the old MTV music videos. Could the authors of the Flashback song from the group Imagination ever think that someday their song will acquire such a music video?

Zombie Apocalypse Ep.4 - S. O. S by Duggy

Here's the fourth episode of a magnificent video series called Zombie Apocalypse by Duggy. The author create this video using not only the Director's mode and Rockstar Editor, but also such a custom mods, as a Scene Director and ZombieZ. The video tells the tragic story of the city gripped by a ruthless epidemic of the zombie virus. There isn't much sense to talk about the effects, design scenery, stunning camera work and so on, since all this are just gorgeous! According to Duggy this video uses several innovative techniques: "the end sequence is actually 5 different recordings stitched together to create the illusion of one continuous scene".

Sultan RS Showcase by Logic-Films

DeejayJeanP and INKAKU bring to our attention a video ode to a new sports car from GTA Online - Karin Sultan RS. This great video perfectly captures stylish broken line of the new sports car. Logic-Films has a wide experience in making such videos, so it's not surprising that this time it turned out so cool.

Grand Theft Auto V - JUMPERS by MrSrdaro

This is a fascinating video from MrSrdaro, which in poetic tones tells of a fierce battle in the Drop Zone Adversary Mode. We expect from MrSrdaro more videos in the same style and about other Adversary modes in GTA Online.

Unfortunately, that's all for today. But don't worry, soon we will find you even more awesome videos. By the way, on our website you can find not only the latest news about GTA Online and GTA 5, but also, cheats for GTA 5 with which you will be able to have plenty of fun in single player mode, if you can't do this in GTA Online.

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2016-03-23 09:01:45

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