I'll Gotten Gains Event week in GTA Online

I'll Gotten Gains event week in GTA Online
Immediately after the latest event week dedicated to GTA Online Lowriders: Custom classics Rockstar Games has launched another set of generous discounts and bonuses, which will be held from 25 March until 31 March. In addition to the exclusive items that will only be available this week, and already traditional double rewards for missions in GTA Online, there will be available up to 50% discounts on clothing and tattoos, and 25% discounts on certain vehicles list and other content from the I'll Gotten Gains update (both parts), and much more.

Exclusive in-game t-shirt

"It's time to fight to the end. Again" All you have to do to get an exclusive in-game t-shirt with the logo of the The Shoulder Of Orion II franchize, is simple to log in to GTA Online on any day of the current event week.

Double reward for all races

As usual, there will be a special playlist on the start screen of GTA 5. It'll give quick access to all missions with a double award this week. This week there are three different playlist for each type of racing. Read the full list below:

  • From Friday 25 to Sunday 27 March - street racing
  • From Monday 28 to Tuesday 29 March - air race
  • From Wednesday 30 to Thursday 31 March - water races
Of course, all of these playlists will be available not only on the start screen of the game, but through the pause menu as well.

25% discount on I'll Gotten Gains vehicles at Legendary Mototrsport

Go to Legendary Mototrsport website through your phone or any computer in the game to get 25% discount on a number of cars from the I'll Gotten Gains, Part 2 update. The list of discounts includes: off-road monster Coil Brawler, lightning fast Progen T20, muscle car classic Invetero Coquette BlackFin and powerful KERS-enabled sportbike, Dinka Vindicator. You'll be able to use the discounts till the end of the month. By the way, 25% discount applies not only to the machines themselves, but also on the modification for them at Los Santos Custom.

Not lagging behind their colleagues from Legendary Mototrsport, managers from DockTease, also, offer a 25% discount on a luxury boat Lampadati Toro.

Discounts on clothing and tattoos

Update your wardrobe and your body, taking advantage of the generous 50% discount on all clothing and tattoos, added in GTA Online: I'll Gotten Gains update. Move over to Binco, Ponsonbys or Suburban in the city and select what you put on perfume, even if you couldn't afford this before. And then decorate your character's body with any of 30 tattoos, added in the update, without fear that your Bank account will getting low.

We hope that you will gain all the possible benefits from current event week, and while do so you can check out our website. We have collected many useful articles and programs for our favorite game, for example, cheats for GTA 5, missions guides, the full video walkthrough for GTA 5 and much more.

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