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Today we have for you some more coolest GTA Online gameplay videos! In honor of the latest promotion in GTA Online we have gathered for you the best gameplay videos with versus missions participating in the current Event Week. So, checl out these lethal missions, watching videos from famous gaming video bloggers, such as Lui Calibre, The Sidemen, Smosh Games and Achievement Hunter!

Top Fun by LetsPlay (Achievement Hunter)

Mission: Top Fun

In the "Top Fun" mission team of players driving cars or mountain bikes must reach the designated position, while the opposing team, flying on jets, must do everything they can to stop them. This video in a classic style of Achievement Hunter, will show you not only, what is this mod, but how to play it.

King Of The Skies by Lui Calibre

Mission: Acquire Targets

Look how popular video-bloggers Lui Calibre, Daithi De Nogla, Silent Droidd, Miniladd and BasicallyIDoWrk gathered together to fly and shoot in the "Acquire Targets" game mode. All what you love in the work of each of these guys, collected together in this video, and even amid one of the most dynamic missions in GTA Online. A must-see!


Mission: Into The Wild

Blogger Miniminter and his friends burst Into The Wild where Hunters in helicopters trying to eliminate Runners before they reached their goal. The guys has managed to invent some very unusual ways to deal with their opponents.

TRUCK OFF by Beh2inga

Mission: Truck Off

In this video Beh2inga, tries his hand in the "Truck Off", where the purpose is to deliver some valuable cargo while under enemy harassment.

Air Force & Chill by Smosh Games

Mission: Air Force Zero

Mari, Jovenshire, Lasercorn, and other Smosh Games members bravely dug into the "Air Force Zero", high in the sky above Los Santos. Perhaps the most hilarious videos throughout today's selection, no wonder, however, since these guys has almost 7 million subscribers.

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2016-03-10 18:14:39

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