GTA 5 in Minecraft

GTA 5 in Minecraft
There is hardly a man who haven't heard about such game as Minecraft at least once. And for those of you who still haven't, we recall that Minecraft is a huge virtual sandbox in which the player can explore the world, escape from terrifying monsters, awakening at night, or build. And that is what we would like to talk to you in this article.

Well that's the thing. Not so long ago, a videoblogger and fan of Minecraft known as N11cK along with his team of more than fifteen like-minded players began to build the complete map of GTA 5 in Minecraft world. Needless to say, how much work you need to put to implement such an ambitious project? And the guys really turns out very good. Every building, every hollow and puddle - all recreated with the utmost precision!

Port of Los Santos
The development of a project called "GTA V In Minecraft" being about a year ago. Moreover, the authors are constantly becoming more and more daring. For example, just a couple of months ago N11cK planned to be limited to map of 7500 square blocks, and now the limit has risen right up to 12288 square blocks. And it all started, according to N11cK himself, by just one Michael's mansion. At the moment N11cK invites every Minecraft-builders to participate in the project, which undoubtedly will go down in history of Minecraft and GTA 5 as well.

You can visually assess the efforts N11cK and his team after watching one of regular video reports that N11cK uploading to his YouTube channel:

Of course, "GTA V In Minecraft" is not the only (albeit one of the most ambitious) such projects in Minecraft. There are so many different maps for Minecraft presented in a wide range of quality and elaboration. In the meantime, let's wish the guys luck in their difficult task!

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2016-02-26 09:56:12

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