#BeMyValentine contest - winners

Luxury apparel, brand new classic Roosevelt Valor and the Gusenberg Sweeper machinegun - all that the new GTA Online: Be My Valentine is all about - is embodied in a series of stunning photos submitted to #BeMyValentine Snapmatic contest. We are pleased to announce the winners of the contest: L. A. Noire inspired hand-made sketches, dynamic and stylish images of the new Roosevelt and more. Congratulations to all the authors from this list, each of them gets a well-deserved reward - a million game dollars.

L. S. Noire by Duffi_21

L. S. Noire
The last night for another lost soul in this great work, inspired by the style of L. A. Noire. Intriguing and disturbing story of the murder, masterfully displayed by Duffi_21, perfectly captures the dramatic atmosphere of the terrible crime and corporate the old gangster stories. Heroes of the photo dressed in a Mustard Pinstripe Suit, Dusk Check Suit, Black Column Dress, and at the background you can see the brand new Roosecelt Valor.

Never Mess With Us by --EVOLUT7ON--

Never Mess With Us
Together with his friends from The Magnificent Team crew, --EVOLUT7ON-- shows that even dirty work can be done with style and taste. Dressed in a beautifully complementary Pinstripe Suits, Black Fedoras and Suit Check, the team proves that it is impossible to look too dapper, even when you're dealing with your enemies.

Bonnie and Clyde 101 by ZazDillinger

Bonnie and Clyde 101
This great black-and-white photo captured a notorious couple during the lull before the storm. ZazDillinger create his work in a minimalist style, providing many unspoken details such as two Gusenberg Sweepers at the ready, eloquently intersecting gazes of the pair, and, almost hidden in the gloom, Roosevelt's license plate - BONN1E.

Valentine by gaurdian473

This work literally attracts the eye, so well it made by gaurdian473, showing languid and fiery atmsophere of the Valentine's day. Thre bright scarlet Roosevelt Valor, expertly caught in the frame, plays the central role in the photo, but much chic adds a mysterious female figure, slowly approaching it.

パレト・フォレスト by Basimatic

In this photo Basimatic together with friends rushing forward behind the wheel of brand new Roosevelt Valor, though fallen leaves of the Paleto Forest and flaunting in a pair of new suits that are added with latest holiday update. Perfect used "Dutch tilt" has allowed the image to appear impossibly dynamic and literally alive!

Once again congratulations to all the winners and applauded their skill - the photos turned out beautiful. We will monitor all the news in following contests, sweepstakes, and generally of everything connected with GTA Online. So, if you don't want to miss anything interesting, do not forget to look at our newswire.

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2016-02-24 04:31:39

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