Fan-art Gallery: New release

Gallery of fan art GTA Online
The time passes quickly and now, фand the new issue of the Gallery of fan-art is fanally here. As usual, we will have a selection of amazing artworks by artists from all over the world and in many genres and styles of art.

GTA V and More by W_Flemming

GTA V and More
The representative of the Damned Brotherhood Crew, W_Flemming pleases us with her creativity again. This time we are invited to appreciate this stylish, evoking vague memories piece of art. Shimmering abstract pattern, which is manifested behind the main hero of the picture, creates a special "dreamy" impression, in perfect harmony with the serene sunset colors. The solitary figure of the mysterious stranger, proudly stands out against the setting sun lit Harbor of Los Santos, creating a special mood to this picture.

GTA-Ladies by Grobi-Grafik

GTA-Ladies GTA-Ladies
Our favorite artist Grobi-Grafik, continues to prove that he is the best provider of portraits of characters from GTA Online. His two new works is portraits of character, owned by incredible91852 (aka @Wendy_Rich_UK) from the The Magnificent Team Crew, deadly but still beautiful.

Pegassi Zentorno, Pegassi Osiris and Progen T20 by JeyM

Pegassi Zentorno Pegassi Osiris Progen T20
These three works belong to JeyM. Incredibly stylish arts of supercars of GTA 5: Pegassi Zentorno, Pegassi Osiris and Progen T20. Minimalistic style and sharp lines perfectly reflects the spirit of these machines.

I Hate Hipsters by devil-urumi

I Hate Hipsters
This is devil-urumi's work - a great portrait, once again reminding about Trevor Phillips' feelings to certain representatives of contemporary subcultures. Devil-urumi used monochrome style, the sharp "toothed" shadows and hard lines to create a special impression from the picture. Also, check out her another artwork "I Can't Stop".

Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips by Hilman Fariza

Michael De Santa Trevor Philips
Indonesian graphic designer Hilman Fariza shared with us these stylish artworks depicting two characters of GTA 5. Poses, color palette and style of pixel art is deceptively simple techniques separately, but the combination of all three (with the addition of a lot of attention to detail and quality shading) make these items truly unique.

Rockstar Games Tattoo from Beastmodekim

Rockstar Games Tattoo Rockstar Games Tattoo
And last but not least. A great friend of Rockstar Games @beastmodekim made a touching tattoo with the logo of Rockstar Games, to make us understand, what place in her heart occupied by the developers of GTA Online. We are glad that Beastmodekim does not hesitate to Express its appreciation to Rockstar Games even in such an extraordinary way.

That's all we wanted to share with you today. I hope that this article was interesting to you. Share your views and suggestions in the comments below and we will respect your wishes. And of course, do not forget to look at our newswire - where you will always find something interesting.

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2016-02-19 06:51:19

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