GTA Online secrets: How to be a VIP, part two

GTA Online secrets: How to be a VIP, part two
Don't think that it's easy to be on the top of the criminal world of Los Santos. Of course it isn't! But with our's "GTA Online secrets" you will easily be able to defeat your opponents! This is the second part of the "GTA Online secrets" that telling about the VIP-missions. The first part can be read in here. In this article you'll get an universal advice for each bodyguard, seeking to prove their loyalty to the VIP, just like the ancient gladiators fought in the face of their Emperor.


All VIP-missions are in SecuroServ option in the interaction menu. Only VIP can set them. The winner of the mission will of course receive what is due, but also all the bodyguards will get money and RP as a participating reward every minute. Once VIP started the mission, he will be able to aspectrate fighting bodyguards.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence
Objective: find and collect all packages marked with a Flare. You'll receive $100 for each package delivered, the winner is the player with the highest number of delivered packets.

Here are a few tips to be successful in this mission:

  • Follow the smoke of the Flares to quickly find the packages. If the package didn't found in time, looks out for the second Flare, which will show you the way.
  • Use Trackify app on your phone. It would be a great help in this mission, but it is worth remembering that this app does not display elevated targets.
  • Use a quick and nimble vehicle that will help you to maneuver in tight spaces and always be one step ahead of competitors. By the way, if it turned out that one of your opponents is a member of your Organization, the rules are not prohibited to destroy them.
  • If you find where the package is, but you clearly understand that you won't get it first, you should not waste time on useless chase, it better to prepare yourself to finding the next one that appears.

Auto Buyout

Objective: steal and deliver to a drop-off point the highest value of cars.

In this mission it is important to remember that in this mission it is not the number of delivered vehicles counts, but the combined value. With this in mind consider the following:

  • The area you're in is important. You can find vehicles of different value in different parts of Los Santos and Blaine County. It's better to find a more expensive vehicle than to grab the first you saw.
  • If on the way to the drop-off point you saw a more expensive car than the one you currently drive, feel free to change it.
  • You can deliver a personal transport. Your own or someone else's.
  • Try not to damage the car you deliver. It will reduce its cost.
  • Try to deliver vehicles as fast as possible.

Courier Service

Courier Service
Objective: find and deliver the cash bag to a designated place, trying not to get damage. The winner is the player with the most money left in the bag, by the end of the mission.

  • Armored yourself up to the teeth in order to avoid damage. Each bullet that hurts you, also, will reduce the amount of money in the bag.
  • Even if you are able to deliver only one measly dollar, you will still be able to defeat opponents who didn't deliver their bags on time.
  • The main task of the mission to successfully deliver the bag in the place. When the time will come, not delivered cash won't be counted.
  • Move quickly. The police will not sit idly by.
  • It's much faster to deliver bags on a flying transport, but you will gradually lose money along the way.

Most Wanted

Objective: all players in your organization will get 5 wanted stars. Winner is the last survived player.

In this mode, the danger will be waiting for you everywhere, so these tips will surely prove useful:

  • If you are cornered, try to break free at any cost. Other members of your organization may be in a similar situation and they are certainly going to need your help.
  • Don't attempt to hide: cops won't let you go until the timer expires. You will need to plan your route, finding the perfect place to escape or to fight.
  • Don't attempt to use air transport, enter interiors or subway, otherwise you will be kick out of the mission.
  • If at the end of the misson more than one player has survived, the reward would be divided between them.

Market Manipulation

Market Manipulation
Objective: all open convenience shops will appear on your map, and you need to drive from one to another, looting them and collecting as much money as possible. The player with the most loot money by the end of the mission will be able to keep the entire amount.

  • After a store is robbed, it becomes unavailable for a while. Watch out for other players and plan your route according to their route to avoid wasting time bumping into inactive shops.
  • Killing the shop employees is a risky strategy. It's faster, but in the end you get less money and attract the police attention.
  • Be on the alert! The police can easily put you when you're out of the store.
  • If you die, you will lose a certain percentage of money collected. The more money you have, the greater the penalty at death.
  • If you see your opponent, during a robbery - destroy all more or less decent vehicles nearby. That'll slow him down.
  • When having a wanted stars, you can quickly clean out all the closest shops (by killing sellers) before you call Lester and get rid of the chase.
  • Fast armored vehicle (for example, Armored Kuruma) will be indispensable in this mission.

Point to Point

Objective: a point-to-point race.

Once the destination is set by the VIP, be ready to push the pedal to the floor!

  • GPS not always show the fastest way to your goals, so better to plan the route yourself, of course, if you are know with the area.
  • Grab the car as soon as possible. Even the rusty rattletrap would be better than running foot.
  • Feel free to take out your rivals' vehicles with a good battering RAM or accurate throw of a sticky bomb. Just do not forget that they will likely do the same.
I hope that these tips will help you in your VIP missions. By the way, we recently added to our website a great page dedicated to cheat codes for GTA 5. With them you can make the game almost anything, but only in single player mode.

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