New car in GTA Online

Declasse Tornado Custom
Benny's Original Motorworks is literally one step away from update its range with a new classic vehicle, the Declasse Tornado Custom. It'll happen very soon - on 5 April, that is tomorrow! Discover the full potential of this live classic, providing it with a full set of coolest upgrades at benny's Original Motorworks!

There is a section on our website where we already told you about the ordinary Declasse Tornado, not upgraded by skillful masters of car tuning in Los Santos. If you want to refresh your memory, go to our article-review on Declasse Tornado. But Custom Declasse Tornado is a completely different piece of machinery. Just look at the picture, how can you compare this luxury classic liner, with that old rusty wreck, which was the regular version of the car? The interior and exterior of the car has grown to a whole new level, after having passed through the hands of craftsmen from Benny's Priginal Motorworks. Of course, there are hydraulics, and the engine wasn't shining so brightly even in the factory.

Classic has found a new life! So be prepared to invest a certain amount of hard-earned cash in a full tuning new Declasse Tornado Custom to show all your friends and rivals what real gangster car should looks like!

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2016-04-04 04:49:46

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