Fan-art gallery: April 2016

GTA Online fan-art gallery
There's a new issue of "Fan-art gallery" on air! Today we have collected for you not only gorgeous fan art, from the best GTA Online artists, but something even more cool! So get ready for another great compilation of GTA 5 fan arts from artists all over the world.

La IRL BF Bifta by Iceteax

La BF Bifta - front view
La BF Bifta - rear view La BF Bifta - look at that exhaust pipe
French GTA fan, known as Iceteax, for the whole last year wascreating an exact copy of BF Bifta as a real buggy-off-road vehicle, authentic down to the license plate of the state of San Andreas.
Iceteax worked ten hours a week from August 2015, and the result is truly impressive. Just look at these photos and check out the video, in which Iceteax rides on his real-life Bifta across the expanses of the Languedoc, surrounded by huge wind turbines - just like somewhere close to sandy shores.

Trevor Philips by crowlls

Trevor Philips
Look how bloody red stylishly harmonize with black and white background and a manner of this portrait of Trevor Phillips. Great job, crowlls!

Mr. Philips by MrBananaSandwich

Mr. Philips
MrBananaSandwich used his own style of drawing to depict this portrait of infamous Trevor Phillips.

Funny St. Valentine's Day! by Sandra-Black

Funny St. Valentine's Day!
Russian artist Sandra-Black created this image as a Valentine's Day present for popular Russian videobloggers TheBrainDit and AlexPozitiv.

Till death do us part by DigiMaru

Till death do us part
Cartoonist DigiMaru used the characters of the animated sitcom The Critic in his work and made them as GTA Online characters in the midst of battle in a new Adversary Mode "Till death do us part". Using the cartoon's style, DigiMaru managed to create a simple but such a charming portrait of The Critic characters.

missbellamelli by Lonedevil87

Italian artist Lonedevil87 decided to become one of the artists (like our beloved Grobi-Grafik) who create great portraits of GTA Online characters, at the request of his friend. Here's what he says about it: "I never thought that a person could ask me to do a potrait drawing... but a little scared and happy, I accepted the challenge... I hope I managed to create something good for her D."

GTA Online Character by calponpon

GTA Online Character
Australian artist calponpon presents this stylish and cute portrait of her GTA Online character.

GTA Online Characters by Grobi-Grafik

GTA Online Characters
Novadays not a single portrait of GTA Online character goes without corporate style of Grobi-Grafik. The latest creation of this famous artist portrays three characters in the magnificent style of hand-drawn comics.

Character Portraits by DJ1NNsGR1MO1R3

Character Portraits Character Portraits
Canadian artist DJ1NNsGR1MO1R3 has created these two portraits of Mahey31 and Raspy characters, as if they were pulled out directly from the loading screens of GTA 5.

Grand Theft Auto Online: Liberté Égalité Fraternité by W_Flemming

Grand Theft Auto Online: Liberté Égalité Fraternité
Grand Theft Auto Online: Liberté Égalité Fraternité
"his artwork is dedicated to Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood, three words that best identify The Damned Brotherhood and FReeNCHCo on Grand Theft Auto Online." A regular guest at our gallery, French artist W_Flemming represents the character portraits of his crewmates Boolax, GoGoKilla and MiKiNiNo, ready to repel any attack on their Super Yacht, then, with a slight movement of the pen, transferred them on the front side of cards. By the way, it is not limited only to arts, W_Flemming has also create a video of his latest work:

We hope that you appreciated the efforts of artists in today's edition of the Gallery. By the way, on our site you can find many interesting things as well. For example, we have a whole page devoted to cheat codes for GTA 5, or section, devoted to various secrets, not only GTA 5, but generally all games of the Grand theft Auto series.

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