GTA Online Best Crews: April 2016

GTA Online Best Crews
Our's "Best of the gang GTA Online" column wasn't here for quite a while! There's so much has happened in GTA Online recently, that we simply didn't have time to tell you about the coolest groups of players looking for new recruits. However, the time has finally come! Today we will see some very interesting teams that are eager to get into their ranks some skilled players.

Vintage Customs

Vintage Customs
The Vintage Customs Crew is currently in search of like-minded car enthusiasts from all over the GTA Online. The gang is based on PS4 and has specific tastes and vehicle preferences. The Crew leader, MLTN88, has created a small promotional video, which you can see below, to help you better understand what this Crew is all about. If you want to be a part of this community and participante in all their activities and car meets, please refer to the Crew members in the game.

"We're looking for people with good taste in cars; we don't want any ridiculous chrome Super cars with white walls and $ sign rims. We do car meets, cruises, Races, drifts, drag racing, videos etc"


The DAMNED NATiON Crew is based on two platforms - Xbox One and PS4. At the moment the Crew is in search of fresh blood into their ranks. Created in 2013, this Crew brings together players from the UK, Europe, America and Canada. These guys don't like to sit idly by. All who wish to join the ranks of the DAMNED NATiON urged to visit their official website. The Crew holds regular events, challenges, and Playlists and now looking for players wanting constant action and not relaxing casual game.

"DAMNED NATiON evolved from a gaming Crew established back in 2013. We are an adult, fun, friendly and sociable gaming Crew and community and we welcome all like-minded members. Whatever your background, language, culture or gaming experience, we look forward to welcoming new members & our guests and joining them in GTA Online."

Women with Weapons

Women with Weapons
SeaWolff and her femme fatales are on the hunt for new recruits for their famale-only Crew Women with Weapons. Their Calendar is filled with different events, car meets and meetups. They are the ladies who uses their time in GTA Online truly creative. If you are a girl and just want to have fun in the game, then Women with Weapons Crew could be just for you. To learn more, take a look at their website. And don't think that they just a bunch of silly girls who like to take photos for Snapchat and shoot nice videos. Try to say them so and you'll quickly understand how wrong you was.

"Women with Weapons (WOWW) is a Crew for women who enjoy playing all that GTA Online has to offer. This Crew is for women who play regularly and want to be a part of an active Crew. K/D ratio or any other stats don’t matter just as long as you are a team player, willing to help your Crewmates, have fun, and be active in the Crew. Check out the website at to see if this is the Crew for you

Motto: Grab your guns ladies... it's killin' time!"


The Crew Lowlife-Davis Crew is straight from the slums of Davis and looking for some like-minded players. The Crew members just like to "bumper scrappin' and draggin' through the streets of Davis". Feel the true spirit of the hard life in the poor neighbourhoods of the American metropolis! If you adore hydraulics, custom upgrades, stylish paint jobs, then this Crew may be just what you have been looking for. Just don't judge them by their appearance. They are professional criminals, and not just some guys from the hood.

"We are always looking for new members and mature members who share a passion for real Lowriding and making grimy hood films."

Bl00d Brothers MC

Bl00d Brothers MC
Those who are looking for a really tight biker family in GTA Online, can find it in the Bl00d Brothers MC Crew. At the moment, the Crew is looking for new players on two platforms: Xbox 360 and Xbox One. If you are a real biker, who travelled around the Los Santos and Blain County on the motorcycle, and dream to find a strong brotherhood of like-minded people, then you should think about the Bl00d Brothers MC Crew. The main conditions for all new members is familial loyalty and support to the Crew.

Bl00d Brothers MC
"It all started in November of 2015 when a group of close friends who had been riding together decided to form a motorcycle club that had the vision that they all shared. A family of Brother/Sister bikers that no matter what it was they would be there for each other. This vision still stands today..."
We hope that with this article you will be able to find a good team and real friends in GTA Online. In the meantime, why not take a walk around our website, where so many useful things, for a real fan of the GTA series of games? We have, for example, an excellent page filled with cheats for GTA 5 or the coolest mods for GTA 5. And of course thousands and thousands of mods for other GTA-series games.

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