New "Inch by Inch" Adversary Mode

A new Adversary Mode Inch by Inch
Get ready for a fierce battle for every foot in a brand new Mode Superiority "Inch by Inch" that will be available on Tuesday 12 April 2016. The task of the new regime is simple: capture the cargo and then make it through heavy fire to your team's and-zone. If the team earns a point the game restarts immediately so the bloody battle continued at the same pace.

The player carrying the cargo, will not be able to use his weapons, so the team will have to cover him well. A high level of team work and competent use of obstacles is highly recommended. Runner with cargo may need his quick feet, but without proper team support he is destined to be killed. Map looks like kind of football field, with lots of hideouts and two end-zones for each team. It is ideal for tactical team action, so this new mode will definitely appeal to many players.

Hope you get a lot of enjoyment from the game in a new Adversary Mode "Inch by Inch". By the way, specially for you we have prepared on our site an entire page devoted to cheat codes for GTA 5 where you can find everything that a cheater misght need in single player mode of Grand Theft Auto 5.

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2016-04-11 06:04:15

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