Adversary Mode Week in GTA Online

Adversary Modes Week in GTA Online
Meet another event week in GTA Online! Double award for Adbersary Modes and discounts will be avaliable for a whole week until April 14! Rockstar Games are continues to entertain the community of GTA Online with regular promotions in GTA Online. The current promotion timed is in honor of the release of a new "Inch by Inch" Adversary Mode. It offers double rewards for completing various Adversary Modes, and when your bank account will filled with tons of dirty money, look at any of the Ammu-Nation store and take advantage of generous discounts on weapons and armor.


Throughout the current week in GTA Online will be available the opportunity to earn two times more RP and money! Just run a special playlist right from the start screen of Grand Theft Auto 5. Playlists will change during the week and the last one will include a new "Inch by Inch" Adversary Mode. Specially for you we have prepared a playlists schedule:

  • From Friday April 8 to Saturday April 9 - a set of Adversary Mode 1
  • Sunday 10 April Monday 11 April - a set of Adversary Mode 2
  • From Tuesday April 12 to Thursday April 14 - Inch by Inch


Aftter earning some extra money, don't forget to fill out your arsenal in Ammu-Nation while there are still discounts avaliable. Hurry up! The opportunity will be unavailable untill Thursday April 14! Below you can see the list of discounts:

  • Sniper rifles - 25% discount
  • Upgrades for sniper rifles - 50% discount
  • Shotguns - 40% discount
  • Upgrades for shotguns - 30% discount
  • Mody Armor - 50% discount
Hurry to take advantage of all the opportunities of a new promotion! By the way, we've added to our website a whole page devoted to cheat codes for GTA 5 that will make you almost invincible in single-player mode of Grand Theft Auto 5.

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2016-04-11 08:15:25

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