GTA Online Useful Tips: Sumo

GTA Online Useful Tips: Sumo
GTA Online is regularly updated with new game modes and missions, each of which has unique gameplay, goals and objectives. In "GTA Online Useful Tips" we share with you some useful tips on completing the missions in the game and now it is time to talk about Sumo Adversary Mode.

While the rules of the real Sumo assume the combat one-on-one, in the case of "Sumo" from GTA Online you can play not only alone but also as part of a team. In any case, one of the most important thing is the right vehicle choice: each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Large and heavy vehicles have an impressive ramming power, but because of the highly located centre of gravity they are very vulnerable to rams from others, more lower cars. Lught machines are faster and can easily escape from the clutches, however, they are also easy to crush.

Combat turn
Use sharp turns to deceive your opponent.
Playing as a team, you can use a combination of different types of machines. Use smaller and lighter vehicles in order to lure the enemy on the edge of the map, so the "heavy artillery" will able to deal with them at one strike. Also, you can often see the situation when the two teams faced each other heads, without the ability to budge. In this situation, driving a light car, you can quickly go to the enemies rear or flank and push them out easily.

Sacrifice one of the allies to destroy the enemy, can be a good solution if you can afford to lose one player.
Also, if your team has enough people, it's a good idea to sacrifice one of them to lure opponents into a well prepared trap. If you are facing your opponent head on, not try to throttle forward, push back and to the side, let your opponent try to keep the car jerked sharply forward and do not fly outside of the arena. Of course, don't forget about proper use of the power of your machine, you always should have enough kinetic energy for a good kick.

Some more tips:

  • If you are playing alone, try not to always drive at full speed in an attempt to make your opponent out. In Sumo mode you can't use handbrake, so if you miss the target, it won't be easy to turn around at full speed. Think strategically, instead of relying on brute force. Keep the opponent guessing where you headed next, and try to be unpredictable.
  • Intelligently use the environment - some parts of the arena is much more dangerous than others. Try to stay in the safest parts of the map. On large maps hang on the center of the arena - where your chances of being kicked out are minimal.
  • If none of the teams didn't defeat the other, then after a certain time in the arena will be a deadly area. Try to control the center of the map, as arena will become smaller and smaller.
I hope these tips was useful for you. Have a look at the other pages of our website, such as an entire page devoted to cheat codes for GTA 5. There you will find all the latest cheats for our favorite games.

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