GTA Online Useful Tips: Rhino Hunt

GTA Online Useful Tips: Rhino Hunt
Despite the fact that the previous edition of "Useful Tips" was only yesterday, we have to write another, due to the huge number of innovations in GTA Online. Today we are going to talk about the "Rhino Hunt" Adversary mode.

The task in Rhino Hunt is to destroy the Rhino tank playing as the team of Hunters with only a quick and nimble vehicles and sticky bombs as the only weapon. Playing a Hunter you should not worry about your life, and what you should be worried about is that the time to destroy the target is limited. Meanwhile, players in tanks will have to keep their only life in the entire 3 minute round. Tanks are powerful but very clumsy and slow to aim, so the Hunters will use their advantage in speed and manoeuvrability.

Tips for Hunters

  • Depending on the placement, the Rhino tank can be destroyed with 7 to 10 bombs. Tank gets significantly more damage from the rear, so try to be patient when aiming, of course, if you have the time and opportunity to make a carefully calculated shot.
  • The power of Hunters in their number, so try to use this advantage wisely. Coordinate your attacks to come from all sides at once - some of you must succeed to break through the defenses and destroy the target.
  • Tanks have some strict area bounds, while the Hunters don't. Consider this when planning your attack.
  • You can detonate Sticky Bomb at any time while you are alive. With that in mind, try to lure Rhino to a wel-prepeared sticky bombs trap.
  • Playing at night don't use your headlights! Why make Rhino's aiming easier?
  • Use the environment! Each obstacle, each small building can save you from a direct hit or, which is way better, will cause Rhino to stop and get stuck, making it an easy stationary target.
  • You don't have to detonade each you sticky bomb separetely, why don't set a few and blow them all at once? Try to set more bombs at one of your fellow Hunters, and send him in a suicide attack, in the best traditions of the Battlefield games.
Rhino will get much more damage from being hit in the rear

Tips for Rhino

  • When there're two tanks in the game (six or more players in a match), they need to work in precise tandem to cover a wider firing area. You can make a two man patrol, looking for targets. Also, you can take a position in safe place, covering the rear and flanks of each other. Just keep in mind that your firing inflict damage not only to your opponents, but to you allies as well.
  • Want to play Rhino in the next round? Then you will need to deal the klling blow in the current round.
  • Rhino Tanks can protect themselves not only with guns, but with tracks as well. Try to drive straight through your opponents, if you get cornered. You can even use the rumps on the map. Believe me, there's no Hunter who want to see a multi-ton tank above his head, ready to crash down next moment.
  • Always be on guard and turn your head (ie - turret) 360 degrees - Hunters will shove at you from all sides. Being on the open grounds provides a great overview, but you can stay close to a shelter, in order to minimize possible attack vectors.
  • Try not to go beyond the set area - you will have only 15 seconds to get back.
  • If you play alone, don't get cornered and always stay in motion - it will make you a more difficult target.
I hope these tips will help you to destroy all your opponents in the "Rhino Hunt". Regularly check updates on our website - we will not let you get bored. By the way, recently we have a whole page devoted to cheat codes for GTA 5. There you can find everything you need to truly cheater in Grand Theft Auto 5.

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2016-04-13 10:49:24

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