Sabre Week in GTA Online!

Sabre Week in GTA Online
Meet GTA Online event week is in full swing! Sabre Week will be available in GTA Online until April 21!

But that's not all! Meet the new powerful muscle car that has it's place at teh Benny's Original Motorworks - Sabre Turbo Custom. A whole heap of modifications are already waiting for you to set them under the hood of your new powerful and stylish vehicle, to help you to convert cool, but old Sabre Turbo in the latest automotive fashion - Sabre Turbo Custom.

Sabre Week in GTA Online will be available until Thursday 21 April. Of course, in addition to the new car there will be available special Playlists providing double reward for completing races, generous discounts and much more! A great time to break into the racing scene of Los Santos and show who rightfully owns the streets!

20% discount on real estate

There are more and more cool cars in GTA Online. How to resist the temptation and not to get yourself another car? It is a pity that there aren't infinite spots in your garage. Fortunately, until Thursday April 21 there will be avaliable 20% discounts on all property, including garages for your brand-new four-wheeled friends.

Discounts on hair, tattoos and a piece of clothing

Make sure you look like a real street racer, using a 50% discount on all tattoos and hairstyles, and 25% discount on part of assortment of clothing to complete your stylish and sassy image.

Playlists with double rewards

Double rewards await those who ready to answer the call and race down through the special playlists that are available directly from the home screen of GTA 5. A great opportunity to try out a new Declasse Sabre Turbo Custom! Check out the schedule of playlists to make sure nothing is missed:

  • From Friday April 15 to Sunday April 17 - Super Car Racing
  • Monday 18 April Tuesday 19 April - Lowriders Street Racing
  • From Wednesday 20 April, Thursday 21 April - Mixed Road Racing​

Additional bonuses

By the way, there's another way to get your double rewards and not only the above-described playlists. Impromptu Races will also give double reward. Want to level up fast? Don't be afraid to challenge other players in the game. You will also get double RP for traveling the world of GTA Online with your friends - the more your mates in the car, the more RP you'll get.

Free Mechanic

This week your personal mechanic is about to give you a gift, by working on you for free for a whole week. Do not spare your steel horses!

Hurry up to get all the benefits from the current event week! Then don't forget to visit the other pages of our site: for example, recently we added new cool mod on ninja turtles for GTA 5 - save Los Santos from crime!

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