Selection of the best Rockstar Editor videos

New set of coolest Rockstar Editor videos!
Meet the new selection of the best game videos created by members of the GTA Online community using Rockstar Editor! This time, each of these videos leaves a lasting impression. Masterpieces! What else can we say?

'Siren' by ash0191

This video or rather a mini-movie, is a beautiful crime drama that tells the story of two criminals, earning their blood money together. In the main roles are two GTA Online characters: Siren, owned by ash0191, and Wolf, whose owner is BloodLust180. Check out this perfect atmosphere of noir, crime, passion and betrayal. Atmospheric soundtrack perfectly emphasizes the tense moments of the video, while criminal Duo leaves only chaos and devastation on their path. The ending of this video will make you want a sequel! The video combines recording of gameplay from the Xbox One and PC, added with competent and creative use of game mods and other cunning techniques.

GTA vs Predator! (Rockstar Cinematic Editor) by Duggy

This video by Duggy is just an incredible craftsmanship. See how Michael, Trevor and Franklin encounter a ruthless alien force while hunting. Wisely using GTA 5 mods, Duggy has created perhaps one of the most impressive GTA 5 video of all we had seen!

'The Hunt' by OriFilmsGTA

This video took more than three weeks to create. OriFilmsGTA has put together a chilling thriller, more than worthy to watch. Especially recommended to fans of this genre. Starting as a completely ordinary hunting in the middle of a bright Sunny day, the action soon turns into a chilling nightmare when the hero of the video becomes an accidental witness of the murder. Soon, the hunter becomes the prey itself. We won't spoil you the ending, watch the video for yourself. Believe me, it's worth it.

Mercoledi (Wednesday) by Wrinkly Blink Games

In the latest episode of it's mafia serial, Wrinkly Blink Games channel displays classic family drama, followed by the incredibly atmospheric instrumental music and the footage with stylish black-and-white filter. Add to this the Albany Roosevelt and clothing from the "Valentine's Day" update to get really nostalgic criminal action. Check out other episodes of this series, because they aren't worse a bit!

GoPro Be A Hero by EK2

This is really something new! Check out this well done action video, in a typical "GoPro" style, showing a bit of "extreme biking on the slopes of Mount Chiliad". A great soundtrack is perfect for such a dynamic video with breathtaking views of the Mount Chiliad at sunrise.

Grand Theft Auto Cover Theme (Joyride by Da Shootaz) by SquidPhysics

Despite the fact that this video has no relation to Rockstar Editor, it's a great music video from the talented musician SquidPhysics, definitely worthy to appear in the list. Meet an amazing cover to Joyride by Da Shootaz - the soundtrack to the very first Grand Theft Auto, released back in 1997. SquidPhysics managed not only exactly to hit each note perfectly, but even change his voice to better suit the original!

If you also have a cool video that you would like to share with us and other users of the site - feel free to leave it in the comments below! In the meantime, why don't you check out great Lada mods for GTA 5, which you can download absolutely for free and without registration from our website.

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2016-04-29 08:07:34

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