"In and Out" Week in GTA Online

In and Out Week GTA Online
As usual, closer to the weekend, Rockstar Games are launching another event week in GTA Online. This time it will run from 29 April to 5 may. Get double experience and money, all of the following seven days, using a special playlist available directly from the GTA 5 start screen and incorporating the most popular Adversary Modes like Hunting Pack, Hasta La Vista and others. Just push the button on the start screen of GTA 5 and plunge into the storm gameplay of these game modes. Do not forget to check with the playlists schedule:

  • From Friday 29 April to Saturday 30 April - Adversary Modes Playlist No. 1 (Hunting Pack, Relay & Offense Defense).
  • From Sunday 1 may Monday 2 may - Adversary Modes Playlist No. 2 (Hasta La Vista, Every Bullet Counts & Keep the Pace).
  • From Tuesday 3 may to Wednesday 5 may - a New Adversary Mode "In and Out".

Discounts at Ammu-Nation

This week will be available not so a lot of discounts, but they will spread to the essentials in GTA Online - weapons, explosives and ammunition! Read the full list of discounts:

  • Grenades - 20% discount.
  • Sticky Bombs - 20% discount.
  • Assault Rifle Mods - 25% discount.
  • Combat MG - 25% discount.
  • SMG Ammo - 50% discount.

New Adversary Mode

The new Adversary Mode called In and Out will be available in GTA Online since Tuesday 3 may. In a new game mode players will be divided into two teams - an Attackers team will need to capture 8 packages of contraband from under the eyes of Defenders, which must at all costs prevent opponents to steal the goods.

Hurry up to take advantage of all the opportunities a new event week before it's over! Then don't forget to visit other pages of our website, such as our new article about sex in GTA 5. Of course, if you are 18 years old.

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2016-04-29 12:00:04

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