Time Trials Week in GTA Online

New event week in GTA Online
Another event week is taking its place in GTA Online and once again offer you double rewards for playing special event playlists. Of course, there are discounts on the most necessary for any criminal in GTA Online. This time guys from Legendary Motorsport and Los Santos Customs are giving discounts on a number of the fastest cars and motorcycles, as well as various tunning options for your ride. The event week will take place from 6 to 12 may.

Double rewards

This week get ready to receive a generous double rewards for completing daily Time Trials in Free Mode. You will have 24 hours to complete each trial, so hurry up to not to miss this unique opportunity. Here's the schedule:

  • Friday 6 may - Vinewood Bowl
  • Saturday, may 7 - Down Chiliad
  • Sunday may 8 - Mount Gordo
  • Monday, may 9 - Great Ocean Highway
  • Tuesday, may 10 - Sawmill
  • Wednesday may 11 - Maze Bank Arena
  • Thursday 12 - End to End

50% discount on Zentorno, T20 and Osiris

We can safely say that Time Trials is one of the most hard single challenges in GTA Online. Every millisecond counts, so why don't you change your old car into something really cool, since there is 50% discount on some of the fastest cars in the entire Southern San Andreas! Now you can buy the Zentorno, T20 and Osiris supercars with such a huge discount.

50% discount on Hakuchou and Akuma

If you prefer two wheels, then now you're in luck. Only this week you have a chance to purchase lightning fast sport bikes Hakuchou and Akuma with 50% discount.

30% discount on tuning

How you should prepare your four-wheeled (or two-wheeled) monster to the race, using a 30% discount on engine, brake and suspension tunning. By the way, in addition to this, the guys from Los Santos Customs also cut prices on standard and chrome rims for your car. It won't increase perfomance but looks damn cool.

Free services

Lester's services - Cops Turn Blind Eye and Remove Wanted Level, are necessary for a true criminal. As well as mechanic services. This week all of this will work for you absolutely for free! It is strange, why would Lester engage in such charity work?

Promotional playlists

Among other things, this week in GTA Online will be available a special playlists with land races, for which you will get double RP. The list includes: race on bikes from the  Galileo Observatory, and Fort Zancundo; sports car race on scenic route through the Great Ocean Highway; and an off-road race from the Great Ocean Highway to Paleto Cove. As usual, playlist is available directly from the start screen of GTA 5.

Hurry up to get yours from this unusually generous event week. After that, why don't you go to other pages on our website? For example, if you have a low-end computer and you tired of dealing with lags in GTA Online, on our website there is a good guide about the perfect graphics card for GTA 5. So you will be able to choose a device in your price range and enjoy the fullness of GTA Online gameplay.

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2016-05-10 08:35:35

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