Future GTA Online updates

Future GTA Online updates
Lately in GTA Online has been added many new game modes, mechanics and vehicles. But the developers promise that 2016 will bring us not a few surprises in GTA Online!

As a successor of traditions laid by the Executives and other Criminals update, get ready for further adventure in the dangerous but profitable smuggling business. You and your team will have a choice from a whole set of new properties, serving as both a headquarters for your Organization and warehouse for all your merchandise. Manage your inventory right from the HQ, arranging to buy and sell everything from jewelry to drugs and medicines. Expect any surprises while raid for the goods together with your Organization. Keep your goods in mint condition to save it's values and will provide you some profit. And beware of raids on your stocks!

Organization Management
Good news for fans of stunts and insane speeds: a whole update dedicated to improve the wild world of racing and stunts in GTA Online is to be released. We were promised a completely new experience and lots of fun. Expect a lot of new vehicles, and new additions inspired by the community of map creators will doubtless provide us with limitless options for stunts, racing and many other gameplay possibilities, defy our imagination.

New Adversary Mode
Also expect other updates to our beloved game, including, for example, new exciting Adversary Mode. For example, new maps for the recently released "In and Out", in which a group of Attackers have to break through the heavy fire and to steal the cargo from Defenders who outnumbered, but certanly not outgunned.

Event weeks

They will be here! You still will be able to get regular discounts and double mission rewards. Event weeks, which will highlight new missions and modes in GTA Online as well as classic modes, perhaps already forgotten by most of the players.

We are already looking forward for future GTA Online updates! Rockstar Games rarely fail with the implementation of their projects, so it should definitely be something worthwhile. By the way, if you are sure that you will be able to fully enjoy all the new features of GTA Online due to weak computer, then on the page about graphics card for GTA 5, you'll be able to pick out and buy for the price and power the graphics card.

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