Crews News: May 2016

Crews news
Meet another issue of our almost regular column "Crews news". Today we will tell you a little about the creative gangs, wishing to show itself in all its glory with a cool game videous and maybe to take some new faithful mambers. Want to see some really tough guys of GTA Online? Then read on!

The GoodfellaProductions Crew

The GoodfellaProductions crew and its leader RichieScorsese, will make all for the great shot and getting into the big screen. If you want to participate in their next blockbuster or looking for experienced people who could help you with your own videos, then this Crew may be just the one you need. Check out their website to find more information.

"Crime pays and what better way to wash your dirty money than to pump it into the movie business here in Los Santos? All we want to see is your stand out moments from the life you lead in Los Santos as a criminal, either as a lone wolf or part of this Crew you're in. This is the place to show off what you've recorded. This is a place for criminals/video editors of every walk of life to come and meet like-minded people, collaborate and set up projects that can only help each other's channels get some extra recognition."

The Wildcard Brothers Crew

Those who don't want to be limited with just one thing and wants to try everything that the world of GTA Online has to offer, should pay attention to the Wildcard Brothers Crew. The leader of the crew, W1LDCARD1, announces that his crew is currently looking for new players wishing to join their already strong brotherhood. The crew's doors are open for GTA Online veterans as well as for complete beginners.

"We run the WILDCARD BROTHERS specialising in everything GTA Online has to offer - stunts, Heists, creating Jobs/videos, Deathmatches, racing, Survivals, car collecting/meets, Missions and VIP work. Every member starts as a Representative (no Muscle), members can quickly be promoted and therefore invite his or her friends to join us. We will always help lower-leveled friends and members level up and make money to further enjoy the game."

The World Known Group Crew

The World Known Group Crew and its leader, MelloOGK, announcing that their small, car-meets focused crew is currently looking for new players. This group of car fanatics love to show off their cool rides and help other members of the crew to upgrade their vehicles. They host car-meets regularly, so the crew would be a good choice if you want to boast with your new Lowrider from Benny's Original Motorworks. Take a look at their website, for more information.

"I am representing 1WKG "World Known Group" as the proud leader of the Crew and I believe we have some interesting ideas to show the community of Rockstar Games. We host car meet-ups where we all come together as one and help one another with car upgrades. We have one-of-a-kind car meets to provide information on the cars and help members express themselves in the ride in which they cruise Los Santos. Who doesn't want an attention grabber? It's not really about what you bring, it's how you represent yourself and the style of car, truck or motorcycle...."

The Kingstate Crew

The Kingstate crew is small, but they represents themselves as the "epitome of fast and the embodiment of style" and constantly organizes street races all around Los Santos. If you think you are badass enough to compete with this guys, then try your luck by contacting any of them in the game.

"The Kingstate is an illegal street racing group focused on racing cars, tuning them and drifting. The Kingstate Crew's main goal is to accomplish our goals with style, superiority and class - we are the best, and we know it! You'll never see a King obeying the speed limit or without a Cop or two on their tail. You'll also never see them get caught. Oh, and don't even bother bringing up your iFruit to take a picture, by the time you notice us, we'll be long gone. We are the epitome of fast and the embodiment of style."


The SONS OF FENIX is a Spanish crew, specializing in powerful motorcycles and muscle cars, but also taking place in everything from Team Deathmatches to Heists and violent fights with rival gangs. Check them out at their website to find more information about the crew.

"We know that playing GTA Online is all about fun, humor, originality and respect, so if you are looking for a Spanish Crew on PS4 then your Crew is certainly SONS OF FENIX. We are lovers of the Chopper Motorcycles and Muscle cars. We play Contact Missions, Heists, Races, Team Deathmatch, Last Team Standing, etc ... in addition we also make friendly battles with other Crews, videos, photo contests, voting, etc ... and everything that our members intend to do."
To join any of these crews, look from the crew's page on Social Club or contact any of the crew members directly in the game. By the way, there is a good article with a detailed analysis of a tank in GTA 5. In it you will learn how to quickly and easily get a tank and therefore a decisive advantage on opponents in GTA Online.

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2016-05-17 10:30:58

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