Custom Jobs: May 2016

Custom Jobs GTA Online: Custom Classics
Social Club community members embraced with enthusiasm about the latest updates in the range of Benny's Original Motorworks and Ammu-Nation, creating a lot of custom missions for playing on Sabre Turbo Custom, Custom Minivan and the other from Custom classics. Here we have compiled for you a list of the best custom jobs that use the content from Custom Classics update. You'll just have to find them on Social Club and start playing!

Minivan Madness by LOL_962 (PS4)

Get behind the wheel of a Vapid Minivan Custom and press all that is possible out of it in this whirlwind race from LOL_962. This prolific author has more than 70 jobs (most of which is races). This race takes place on the runway of the Sandy Shores Airfield. A lot of ramps and obstacles, coupled with missile fire from your opponents, will challenge both your car and yourself.

Dockside Donks by zombieninjapimp (PS4)

"New weapons, new cars but same problems. Deathmatch at the Elysian Islands."
Something filthy is going on in the Los Santos docks and it's up to you to deal with it, in this Deathmatch in the middle of the port of Los Santos. This map was created by the leader of the S0CCER M0MS crew, zombieninjapimp, using not only weapons from the Custom Classics update, but vehicles as wellm such as Slamvan Custom and Custom Donk. You will be given a wide choice of ways to destroy your opponents. Pick an old fashioned way and shoot them out or, if you have problems with accuracy, then jump into a car and push them into the asphalt!

Virgo Cruise by vibeaos (XB1)

Vibeaos from the Banished Breed MC crew, has created this race and make Virgo Classic Custom the star of it. The route takes you through the winding streets of Pillbox Hill, Strawberry and Chamberlain Hills. Get ready for a really steep turns and drifting, if you want to win in this race.

War by Old_Vinny (PC)

War by Old_Vinny
Get ready for a fierce battle in the quarry in the Desert Grand Senora! This Deathmatch was created by Old_Vinny, the leader of the CrazyBoysLS crew. The author wisely used the landscape of this industrial object, creating an interesting and challenging mission, which using weapons from the Custom classics update. A small tip: when fighting on the bottom of the quarry, looked up - the snipers are on the alert.

Dirty Lowriders by UniqueAsh (PS4)

Well-known jobs creator UniqueAsh, again get in touch with his new four mile race, giving players a chance to actually test their brand new lowrider. Speed up through the streets of East Vinewood, ride through the industrial area of La Mesa and many other areas and end up in the Lowriders' Mecca - Grove Street.

Monaco Slamvan GP from -Sins- (PC)

Monaco Slamvan GP from -Sins-
Attention to detail is one of the strengths of -Sins- from the Content Creators PC crew. This race is a recreation of the famous Circuit de Monaco - the venue of Formula 1 races. Despite the fact that the race location is in the middle of the Alamo Sea, which is very different from the streets of Monte Carlo and you drive on Slamvan Custom, not the Formula 1 racecar; if you compare the very route of the actual prototype, you will realize that they are virtually identical. And of you think a bit further, you'll realize also that this map is even more addictive than the original, because besides the fact that you need to avoid collisions with opponents, you also can't go off the track, unless you want to bury your car under the dark waters of the Alamo Sea. Because of the abundance of twists and turns, most of which seemed to appear out of nowhere, and even several in a row, on this map you will need to concentrate as hard as you can. You can pick any vehicles class for the race, but the map was conceived precisely to drive on muscle cars.

Sabre Turbo Island Cruise by darkgreenmeme (PS4)

When darkgreenmeme from the Kush Motorcycle Club crew has created this race, in his mind there was only Sabre Turbo Custom. Despite the fact that on this map there are many good long straights, the author has brought to his creation many sharp turns requiring exceptional skill from the driver.

Faction Donk by leankilou33 (XB1)

This race created by the leader of the Dans ton Boulls crew, leankilou33, reminds us of the old school monster trucks races, but only with lowriders instead of monster-trucks. Your Custom Donk will have to overcome a series of steep climbs before you get in the maze of streets in the heart of Vinewood, then past Up-N-Atom to clogged parking lots East of Vinewood, where you have no other choice but to go straight on the roofs of parked cars. Promises to be fun!

Try all of the above missions, finding them in Social Club. Then take a look at the other pages of our website, for example a detailed article about tank in GTA 5, where you will learn how to quickly and easily get a Rhino tank in GTA 5.

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