Combat Week in GTA Online

Meet the Combat week in GTA Online
Meet another event week in GTA Online. This time you'll have to really arm yourselves to the teeth because there is Combat week to come!

Look for huge discounts on a large arsenal of heavy weapons and combat vehicles at Warstock this week from May 13 through to May 19. Professionals from Merryweather will also provide us with discounts on their services. Same can be said about Ammu-Nation, which will provide us with discounts as well. Haven't enough cash or RP? Then these double GTA$ and RP bonuses will be as handy as it can be. The bonuses avaliable for playing in the new Adversary Mode "In and Out" (including three brand new maps!), and a lot of other modes besides.

Sale in Warstock

If your collection is lacking something more powerful, like the HVY Insurgent armored car, which is more than capable to fight it's way through with a heavy machine gun on the roof, or versatile fighter Mammoth Hydra (enjoy your vertical flight, pilot), then now is the time to buy yourself some heavy artillery, because Warstock offers 25% discount on all vehicles available for sale. Including: Turreted Limo, Buckingham Valkyrie and, of course, the Rhino tank -  perfect for protecting you and your status in GTA Online! Order your any of Warstock's vehicles through their website, available via your in-game phone.

Discounts on Merryweather services

Found yourself in trouble? Call Merryweather for reinforcements, emergency Ammo or a fast gate away vehicles - and all this with 50% discount! Including: supply drops, Back up from helicopter, mercenaries reinforcements, air strikes and more.

Discounts in Ammu-Nation!

Throw out your pathetic pistol for the Combat week will require way more serious weapons! Fortunately, Ammu-Nation once again offer lucrative discounts on their products:

  • All rifles - 25% discount
  • All sniper rifles - 25% discount
  • All grenades and Molotov cocktails - 25% discount
  • All ammo - 25% discount
  • All body armors - 50% discount

Double GTA$ and RP for "In and Out" and more

Those who liked the new Adversary Mode "In and Out", with its bloody shootings at close range and daring unexpected attacks, can be rejoice, because this week you can get double money and experience for playing in your favorite mode. Including three new maps!

Rockstar has also prvide us with double rewards for ALL Deathmatches, Last Team Standing, Captures and Adversary Modes in GTA Online. This week, from 13 to 19 may you finally don't have to play only 3-4 mode to get your double RP!

Special Playlists

To ease you access to double RP and money there is special playlists with a huge selection of different dynamic modes and missions, right on the start screen GTA 5. As usual, we have compiled for you a convenient schedule:

  • Friday 13 may through to Sunday 15 may - Double GTA$ & RP Playlist, new In and Out maps: IV, V and VI
  • Monday may 16 through to Tuesday may 17 - Double RP Playlist, Cross The Line I, Come Out To Play V and Till Death Do Us Part II
  • From Wednesday 18 may through to Thursday 19 may - Double RP Playlist, Extraction V, Beast vs Slasher IV and Siege Mentality I

New "In and Out" maps

New map mode There and Back again
The number of maps for "In and Out" was doubled, which gave the players plenty of opportunity to shoot in the middle of Grand Senora Desert, Los Santos International Airport and Dignity village.

Hurry up to collect all the profit with a new weekly promotion, then be sure to go to other pages of our website. Especially for you we wrote a detailed review of the selection of graphics card for GTA 5. There you will learn which graphics card is better to choose for a comfortable game in GTA Online and not to spend too much hard earned money.

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