Capture Week in GTA Online

Capture Week in GTA Online
What a week in GTA Online without the weekly promotions from Rockstar Games? This time, from may 20 to may 26, you will be able to take double RP and money from jobs and get a huge discounts on a wide variety of items in GTA Online.

Double rewards

Until 26 may have a time to get double rewards for playing any Capture in GTA Online. Moreover, this week for all Captures you will earn two times more RP. All these bonus missions as usual, one click away from you through playlists, available directly from the boot screen of GTA 5. Check out the playlists schedule:

  • Bonus playlist - 16 players
    From 20 may to 22 may - GTA: All Abhorred, Contend: Townhall Trinity, Raid: Wargames
  • Bonus playlist - 8 players
    From 23 may to 26 may - Contend: Condo-monium, GTA: Grab a Cab, Hold: Freight Fight

Exclusive t-shirt

Simply log into GTA Online anytime this week to unlock an exclusive in-game t-shirt with the logo of Meltdown by famous Solomon Richards. This t-shirt will only be available during the Capture Week, so don't miss your chance!

50% discount on Luxore Deluxe

Fly across the troubled skies of Los Santos and Blaine County, surrounding yourself with eye-popping luxury, smoking a cigar and jiggling the glass, and all that at not so unbearable price! This week only, purchase a luxury gold private jet Luxore Deluxe at half the regular price!

50% discount on all Kurumas

Quick as lightning, handles as a dream, and in addition armored from the wheels to the roof, the Japanese sports car Kuruma is built to last! Visit Southern San Andreas Super Autos (just make sure that you have completed the Fleeca Job Heist) and get a 50% discount on both versions of the Karin Kuruma. The offer will be available until may 26.

50% off on select car modifications

Make sure all your rides are tuned! It will be much easier with available this week 50% discount on engine upgrades, brakes and turbo mods.

50% discount on all Heist clothing

Stylish criminals who want to impress both enemies and allies will appreciate this offer: 50% discount on all Heist clothing in GTA Online.

50% discount on all explosives

Ammu-Nation this time offers a 50% discount on all explosives, including grenades, sticky bombs, proximity mines and rockets. Boost your firepower for just half the usual price!

The event will run from 20 may to 26 may inclusive. Read the announcements and a description of future events in GTA Online on our website. Also, specially for you we have prepared an article about a Tank in GTA 5, where you will be able to find the most efficient ways to get the Rhino tank in GTA 5 or GTA Online.

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