Custom Jobs: Prison Riot

Custom Jobs: Prison Riot
Try out new Jobs by GTA Online creative community! Download them from Social Club to get an acces to the latest collection of Captures, Races and Deathmatches around the gloomy walls of the Bolingbroke Penitentiary.

To download all of the missions, search for them in Social Club and bookmark them to your account. Then start the game and create the appropriate session (or join an existing one).

Penitentiary Panic by madminer95 (PC)

"The prisoners are protesting on the roof of Bolingbroke Penitentiary but its quickly turning into a riot. Take this opportunity to compete with the enemy team to steal the prisoners' stashes of drugs in the ensuing chaos."

In this Capture, created by the leader of the Facepalm Community Crew, madminer95, you have to fight not only the enemy team, in an attempt to be the first to reach the two drug bags, but also the inhabitants of the prison - rioting inmates. Armed with Assault Shotguns, fight your way to the prison roof, where prisoners' drugs are waiting to you to grab them and carried it back to your Capture Point. Sine the bags respawn when a drop-off is complete, it makes sense to leave part of your team near the spawn point, so they will capture it before the enemy team.

High Profile Transport by Caetano414 (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)

"A high profile inmate is to be transported to Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Police have increased security to guarantee his arrival"

This Capture by Caetano414, from the L S Police Dept crew, runs around the prison convoy. One team plays as couriers, driving or covering a police Prison Bus and its precious cargo. The other team starts a little bit further away, and their goal is to intercept the transport before it reaches the Bolingbroke's yard . If you are a team of couriers, send one of your behind the wheel of a prison bus, and the rest will sit in an armored Poilice Riot. The armored vehicle will provide you with good protection during the mission.

Prison Yard LTS by l-BuGs-l (PC)

Prison Yard LTS
This Last Team Standing provide a large number of covering options and ammunition. This requires from you tactical movements during the battle with the enemy team, that would not put your own life at risk. You have to play calmly and thoughtfully, otherwise it likely will end in your defeat. There are many pick up items scattered around the map: Sawed-off Shotguns and AP Pistols, but accurately thrown grenade may be just what you need to neutralize the advantage of the variety of cover on this map.

Prison Break by FIB-Agent_0 (PS3 & PS4)

This Capture, by FIB-Agent_0, is a well-made break out of Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Using Combat MG, make your way through the ranks of prisoners, prison guards and the enemy team to get the desired freedom! One person from your team will need to hijack a Prison Bus and bring it to the Capture Point, while the rest will be to arm themselves with RPGs and miniguns to suppress the opponents on the ground and in the air.

Central Unit by alex777now (PS3 & PS4)

"Breaking out of prison, two rival gangs get in each other's way"

This well-executed Team Deathmatch pits two rival gangs in an epic battle for the prison yard. With a variety of weapons, from Advanced Rifles to Molotov cocktails, go to a good vantage point in order to bring down the mayhem on the heads of your opponents. In the video below you can see how Stronktank from the Content Creators PS4 crew, shows how to dominate this mission. Just look at this 10 kill streak and more than impressive 3.25 KDR.

Prison Trench Run by EvolDave (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)

Now that the dreary prison walls are far behind, it is the time to make a daring lap of honour in this Land Race from EvolDave. You should expect twists and turns and deep trenches, as the Creator warns: “DO NOT USE A SANCHEZ OR BLAZER!!!”, as this will lead to you eating the dirt with almost one hundred percent probability. Another Pro-tip from EvolDave: "Careful jumping across the trench, and duck when you go under the satellite dish."

Try each of these missions, and share your impressions in the comments below. In the meantime, why don't you see the new acquisition in our extensive FAQ on GTA 5: article about music and radio in GTA 5. There you will find a complete list of radio stations and music from the game.

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