Head to Head week in GTA Online

Head to Head Week in GTA Online
Cut double experience and money and take advantage of huge discounts in GTA Online! All this is possible with the current weekly event called "Head to Head Week"! The event week will last until June 2nd. All the races in GTA Online, including user-created will give you double reward - not a bad way to collect some money for big sales of many luxury in-game items. But first things first.

Double rewards

You better buckle up, because this week in GTA Online there are double rewards on all races, up to 29 may, inclusive! Including on user-created. And from may 30 until June 2, you will have access to a special playlist with double rewards. It can be launch directly from the start screen of GTA 5.

In addition, all fans of the Sumo Adversary Mode will also be able to receive double rewards for playing in their favorite game mode. You won or lost - you will still get your double reward!

50% discount on stilt houses

Get ready to some clutter in the real estate market in Los Santos, because this week Dynasty 8 cuts off half the price for their stilt houses! Enjoy a million dollars views, for only five hundred thousand!

50% off on Benefactor Dubsta

Combine refined elegance with the dominating power, buying powerful SUV Benefactor Dubsta for just half the regular price, this week only. This machine is ideal for leisurely defile the city streets, and to overcome impassable terrain or hillsides. All you need is some cash and 100 level. Not such a problem, if you play long enough, right?

25% discount on Benny's upgrades

Turn an ordinary car into a lowrider masterpiece with 25% discount. This week only the engineers and mechanics from Benny's Original Motorworks will work for only three quarters the normal price. Don't miss this chance!

Discounts on Insurgent

Warstock Cache and Carry, in cooperation with HVY Industries, offers a discount on both versions of Insurgent. Only this week, buy standart Insurgent with 25% discount. You also can buy Armored Insurgent with 50% discount!

75% discount on Lester services

Lester also didn't remain aside this week and offer 75% discount on his services! Want to get rid of the police or set a bounty on your enemy? Then Lester is definitely the one you want. Just call him and tell him what to do!

25% discount in Ammu-Nation

In the list of companies offering discounts this week, there is, of course, Ammu-Nation. The guys selling RPGs, and Homing Launcher, and ammo for it with a great 25% discount.

Don't miss the best deals of the Head to Head Week in GTA Online. Then be sure to check out our article about tank in GTA 5. There you will find everything you need to know about this deadly fighting machine!

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