GTA Online Funny Moments: June 2016

GTA 5 Funny momenys: June 2016
You probably forgot that on our website there is the GTA 5 Funny moments column, do you? Even our administration has forgotten. But here it is!

Prepare for the coolest and funniest moments ever happend and filmed in GTA Online? There will be breathtaking stunts, incredible skills and more.

Parkour as you have never seen it. Well-known Machinima creator 8-Bit Bastard does amazing precision jumps across rooftops in Los Santos at the wheel of his lowriders Sabre Turbo, showing his true mastery.

A tense round in Sumo ended up quite unexpected. A few graceful pirouettes and the hunter becomes the victim. Bravo!

Dirty_Worka is one of the most famous creators of GTA Vines. His recent work shows us how the legendary Willard Faction "Donkzilla" pursues sunbathing on the beach.

Another moment from the most popular Adversary Modes in GTA Online - Sumo. Another example of a masterful car control, ensured the victory, in spite of the multiple advantages of the enemy.

Like a glove! Nox Official shows how you should park in a really cool way. Look at that Franklin's deal-with-it-face!

Hydra Stunt Bridge
Constantly raising the bar with more and more complicated and insane stunts, N&B Gaming once again film meticulously planned and spectacular stunt called "Hydra Bridge Stunt".

Michael shoot out the windshield and his head stops as it hit the stop sign. At the end he was betrayed by his own car. See, you should drive more careful!

LoBowlin takes no prisoners during tense round in Piracy Prevention. Fantastically accurate shooting from a sniper rifle leaves opponents no chances.

Shootout in the style of GTA Online
beanbag1992 shows how to take a soocer penalty in the true GTA Online style.

Despite the fact that initially it was planned in a totally different way, this stunt attempt is still impressive, though different.

Hope you like this carefully assembled collection. If you want to film something like that, but your PC is too low-end, check out the article about graphics card for GTA 5. There you will be able to find a suitable graphics device at an affordable price.

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2016-06-01 08:04:10

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