Criminal Expansion in GTA Online

Criminal Expansion Weekend in GTA Online
In anticipation of the imminent release of the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update, planned for this Tuesday, 7 June, prepare your Organization to significant discounts on vehicles, weapons, and more from the Executives and other criminals update in GTA Online. The event will be held from June 3 to June 6, 2016.

Orion Yacht and discounts on modifications at Docktease

Docktease announced a generous offer this week. You will be able to buy the Orion Yacht with 50% discount! When modify your brand new luxurious vessel don't forget about another 25% discount on all modifications available for yachts. In addition, all yacht transportations will be completely free for this weekend.

50% off for SuperVolito helicopters

As a boss you won't have much time, so you need to be quick to do your dirty business. Is there a vehicle that faster and more convenient than a helicopter? Buy SuperVolito and SuperVolito Carbon for half the price, during the event!

50% discount on Turreted Limo

Travel safely with Turreted Limo available with 50% discount. This fast, armoured and deadly machine will be your faithful companion, whatever happens with you and your Organisation in GTA Online.

Discounts on SecuroServ services

SecuroServ launched its next mini-advertising campaign this week. All services will be provided for only half the usual price throughout the event.

25% discount on selected vehicles on Legendary Motorsport

Take advantage of a 25% discount on selected vehicles from the Executives and other criminals update available on the Legendary Motorsport website. The discount applies to Verlierer, all four options Benefactor Schafter (including LWB, LWB Armored, Armored V12 and V12), as well as all the luxury options of Cognoscenti (the standard, Armored, Armored 55 and 55).

50% discount on all weapons from Executive and other Criminals

Of course, there is a traditional discount in Ammu-Nation! Gain powerful Revolver or a Switchblade knife for half the usual price!

25% discount on selected clothes

Self-respecting mobster should always look well-dressed! So hurry up to take advantage of 25% discount on clothing from the Executives and other criminals update. The discount applies to Smoking Jackets, Pajamas and Robes.

Double RP Playlist

Don't forget, also, about the Adversary Modes playlist with double RP. It will be available directly from the GTA 5 start screen and will include modes Extraction III, Inch By Inch IV and In and Out II.

Hurry up, the event will lasts only three days, instead of a week, like before! Also, check out other interesting pages on our website. For example, an article about how to choose a graphics card for GTA 5. Put together the perfect PC to play GTA Online on and conquer the criminal world of Los Santos!

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