New huge update for GTA Online is available!

Update GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony is already available!
Continue your mission to become an absolute leader of the criminal world of Los Santos and Blaine County in the new GTA Online update: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, which is already available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. As CEO of your own criminal empire you will get special opportunities and full access to the black market.

The executive's needs

To get your criminal operations went smoothly and without problems, you will need a proper office and a competent team of Assistants. Company Dynasty 8 Executive Realty along with SecuroServ now offer a whole new range of high-class offices specially created to be a headquarters of your criminal empire. These masterpieces of architectural design are comes with an assistant, helipad, conference room, "Don’t Cross the Line" arcade, and optional amenities like the Gun Locker, which will allow you to fully customize your weapons and gear for the mission.

Leaders of a crime syndicate in GTA Online
In the office you will be able to get exclusive access to Special SecuroServ Cargo Network, which you can use to work with warehouses and illegal traffic. In the Warehouses you can store a Spcial Cargo, so free space on them will be very valuable. Use your inventory wisely in order to maximize your profit.

Delivery of contraband in GTA Online
Run dangerous Buy Missons, together with your team of Assistants to gain a Special Cargo.

Buy and sell Special Cargo

Buy Missions require of you and your Assistants to have a clue how to play in this game. The missions are divided into three categories of different difficulty, depending on how many cargos you wish to buy and how much risk you are willing to take on. The greater the risk the greater the reward!

Organization's Warehouse in GTA Online
Manage your goods using Small, Medium or Large Warehouses. Overloaded warehouses crammed with valuable goods will definitely attract competitors' attention.
The more goods in your Warehouse, the greater will be demand for it. When the time comes to sell your property, you will receive a lot of offers, depending on what you have collected in your Warehouse. Sell mission require constant vigilance: you will need to constantly keep your eyes open, ensuring the delivery of all your goods. Each destroyed cargo would severely affect your profit.

Protect your warehouse

Successful players inevitably attract envious competitors, so your Warehouse filled with valuable cargo, won't remain long without unwanted attention. Act quickly to avoid losing valuable cargo from the unexpected attacks of the Los Santos' gangs.

A battle for Cargo in GTA Online
Defend your territory! The gang will attack you in the forehead, and from the flanks and rear as well.

New VIP works and challenges

Heads of organizations, in addition to other bonuses of their position, will have access to new missions and trials.

VIP works:

  • Headhunter: destroy the target on the map until the time ran out.
  • Airfreight: capture the cargo, having dealt with the guards, and take it to the safe place.
  • Haulage: hurry up and be the first to deliver tax-free shipment to its wrongful owner.

VIP challenges:

  • Cashing Out: take place in a crazy race across the city, with the objective to clean out as much ATMs as possible.
  • Salvage: compete woth others to take the most lost cargo from the ocean floor.
Cargo delivery in GTA Online
Work together with your team of bodyguards to protect Cargobob and its cargo from opponents-players and police in the Airfreight.

New vehicles, clothing and weapons accessories

What do you like: speed, efficiency or style? Regardless of your preferences, a new pack of cars added to GTA Online, definitely should hit your taste. From monster HVY Brickade available for purchase at Warstock Cache & Carry, and menacing Bravado Rumpo Custom from Southern San Andreas Autos, to a new generation of super and sports cars offered by the Legendary Motorsport website: Pegassi Reaper, Vapid FMJ, Grotti Bestia GTS and Enus Windsor Drop. As for air vehicle there are brand new Buckingham Nimbus and Volatus, and DockTease offers Tug.

Buckingham Nimbus from GTA Online
Exclusive VIP and bodyguards clothings from the previous update along with new additions already available for purchase. Want to look like a classic mobster with exquisite manners and delicate style or prefer the look of narrow-minded, but impressive, goons? New clothes will answer any of your queries. Remember that there is nothing that will ruin your day like the ammo that runs out in the middle of the mission. Unleash a bullet storm at your enemies, setting on your gun box or drum magazine from the nearest Ammu-Nation.

Cool guys with the Volatus on background in GTA Online

New Adversarty Mode: "Trading Places"

In this crazy world there are either rich people, or beggars - jumping over the gap of social inequality isn't easy, but this new Adversary Mode will give you a good chance. The Winners team is destined for succeed, while Losers are doomed to fail. The only way up for Losers is to ruthless murder the Winners, in an effort to take their place. The latter, of course, need not give opponents to accomplish their plans.

Launch GTA Online right now to appreciate all the cool innovations of the new update. Don't forget to share your opinion in the comments below. And don't forget that on our website there are lots of interesting and useful articles about GTA 5. For example the article about sex in GTA 5, where you will find everything about intimate relationships in GTA 5.

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