In and Out Review

In and Out Adversary Mode Review
In and Out is a new Adversary mode that have become available in GTA Online May 3, 2016. The new mode is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Here you will find a brief overview of the capabilities of the new mode in GTA Online.

In this mode, a small team of Defenders must protect the priceless packages at all costs until the timer expires. The Attackers team needs to focus on quick raids into the enemy's camp to take the prize and equally quick retreat to the safety of their own territory. Imortant note: if a player carrying a bag get killed, its cargo will remain lying where it fall. Since the Defenders cannot pick up fallen packeges, so even an unsuccessful Attackers' raids can help them to take their goal.

Don't forget that there is still a special event week in GTA Online, during which you will be able to receive double rewards for playing In and Out. Look for the playlist on the GTA 5 start screen or through the interaction menu in an online session. In addition, do not forget about the discounts in Ammu-Nation!

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2016-05-04 05:08:38

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