Best Crews in GTA Online: April 2016

Best Crews of GTA Online
Our traditional column "Best Crews of GTA Online" again in the air. This time we are going to talk about not some ordinary casual players, but about really creative collectives. There are many creative and talented players in GTA Online. If you read our news regularly, then you should be in no doubt. Today we want to tell you about the two Crews that gathered, probably the best Snapmatic photographers from all over GTA Online!

The Magnificent Team

The Magnificent Team crew speaks of itself as an "exclusive Snapmatic movement" and has in its ranks such well-known Snapmatic photographers as Basimatic, Sariska and FirewoodDog, memes creator xX19scorpius83Xx and master of bullet art aizakkusan. This crew recently celebrated its first birthday, so we congratulate its entire team and their fearless leader empiretimes (also known as Snaplord_TMT)! Below, you can see only a tiny part of the huge galleries of great photos created by members of The Magnificent Team.

The first portrait of xX19scorpius83Xx The second portrait of xX19scorpius83Xx Blue beauty
The author of these four photos is xX19scorpius83Xx. Notice how professionally he used different filters and effects to create fascinating scenes and funny self-portrait of his character.

Like two drops of water
Custom Classics Not only GTA 5
Benny's Original Motorworks Visual Moods Central
aizakkusan in his uniq style creates beautiful paintings with bullet holes on a concrete canvas. Above you can see some portraits of famous characters from games of Rockstar Games and the logo of the allied crew Central Visual Moods.

Panorama of Los Santos
Another member of The Magnificent Team crew, Basimatic, if you've read our previous news you should know her, presents her new work - a panorama of Los Santos in different weather conditions and different times of day. Isn't it wonderful?

Creative Inc R6

Creative Inc R6 is another major creative team, every day creating cool content in GTA Online. The ranks of the crew includes such talents as ryophotolic, Wolf_Gang776, ARIBABABAN and other names known in the GTA Online community.

Albany Roosevelt Bravado Banshee
Check out, for example, these amazing photos by ryophotolic.

Yu-nosuke's GTA Online character portrait
Or this portrait of a character from Yu-nosuke. Hard to believe that it really is in-game photo, not a drawing of a hand.

Cool photo of the car in GTA Online
The leader of the crew, mitar0su also not far behind from his subordinates! He presents his recent work - stylish pictures of their own car from GTA Online.

Anniversary of the REBL crew

Another large crew is celebrating their anniversary REBL PC. These guys are not sitting idly by, regularly releasing cool video-reports about their events, like REBL - GTA Yacht Parties or REBL - The Lowriders. In this video, the REBL crew, in it's full force, just playing the fool, arranging a massive Derby and lights up the night sky with fireworks.

It's all about what we wanted to tell in today's issue of the Best Crews. Hope this article has given you some ideas for future events of your own crew. By the way, there are a lot of cool Lada mods for GTA 5 on our website, which you can download absolutely for free and without registration.

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2016-04-29 11:24:54

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