New supercar Grotti X80 Proto

Brand new supercar Grotti X80 Proto
Good news for all fans of lightning fast, luxury cars that cost over a million. Brand new supercar was added to GTA Online. Meet the Grotti X80 Proto!

As you can see in the screenshot above, Grotti X80 Proto looks very futuristic. Low profile of this car hides a powerful engine, designed for domination over any opponents in the race. Want to beat everyone in a pursuit or easily deliver Special Coods for your Organization? Or just like to play catch-up with the police? Anyway Grotti X80 Proto would probably be the best choice.

Grotti X80 Proto is the first car in the whole GTA series, whose appearance is not based on real production cars, but on concept car. To be precise, on Ferrari F80. The whole appearance of the car clearly suggests that Grotti X80 Proto is the future. With this supercar all the beach babes of Los Santos will definitely be yours! Only, the car costs $2,700,000. But it is worth the money, right?

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2016-06-22 09:29:48

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